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Highly hydroxylated carbon fibres as electrode materials of all-vanadium redox flow battery
L Yue, W Li, F Sun, L Zhao, L Xing
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Density functional theory study of the role of anions on the oxidative decomposition reaction of propylene carbonate
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A general synthesis of porous carbon nitride films with tunable surface area and photophysical properties
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A novel electrolyte with the ability to form a solid electrolyte interface on the anode and cathode of a LiMn 2 O 4/graphite battery
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Achieving commercial-level mass loading in ternary-doped holey graphene hydrogel electrodes for ultrahigh energy density supercapacitors
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On the atomistic nature of capacitance enhancement generated by ionic liquid electrolyte confined in subnanometer pores
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Bi nanoparticles anchored in N-doped porous carbon as anode of high energy density lithium ion battery
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Hydrolysis of LiPF6-Containing Electrolyte at High Voltage
M Liu, J Vatamanu, X Chen, L Xing, K Xu, W Li
ACS Energy Letters 6 (6), 2096-2102, 2021
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