Hikaru Saito
Hikaru Saito
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Three-dimensional arrangements of perovskite-type oxide nano-fiber webs for effective soot oxidation
C Lee, Y Jeon, S Hata, JI Park, R Akiyoshi, H Saito, Y Teraoka, YG Shul, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 191, 157-164, 2016
Catalytic performances of perovskite oxides for CO oxidation under microwave irradiation
H Einaga, Y Nasu, M Oda, H Saito
Chemical Engineering Journal 283, 97-104, 2016
Atomic-scale phonon scatterers in thermoelectric colusites with a tetrahedral framework structure
K Suekuni, Y Shimizu, E Nishibori, H Kasai, H Saito, D Yoshimoto, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (1), 228-235, 2019
HRTEM and HAADF-STEM of precipitates at peak ageing of cast A319 aluminium alloy
A Wiengmoon, JTH Pearce, T Chairuangsri, S Isoda, H Saito, H Kurata
Micron 45, 32-36, 2013
Coupling of plasmonic nanopore pairs: facing dipoles attract each other
T Sannomiya, H Saito, J Junesch, N Yamamoto
Light: Science & Applications 5 (9), e16146-e16146, 2016
Control of light emission by a plasmonic crystal cavity
H Saito, N Yamamoto
Nano letters 15 (9), 5764-5769, 2015
Size dependence of bandgaps in a two-dimensional plasmonic crystal with a hexagonal lattice
H Saito, N Yamamoto
Optics Express 23 (3), 2524-2540, 2015
Enargite Cu3PS4: A Cu–S‐Based Thermoelectric Material with a Wurtzite‐Derivative Structure
T Tanimoto, K Suekuni, T Tanishita, H Usui, T Tadano, T Kamei, H Saito, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (22), 2000973, 2020
Confinement of surface plasmon polaritons by heterostructures of plasmonic crystals
H Saito, S Mizuma, N Yamamoto
Nano Letters 15 (10), 6789-6793, 2015
Size dependence of band structures in a two-dimensional plasmonic crystal with a square lattice
N Yamamoto, H Saito
Optics Express 22 (24), 29761-29777, 2014
Electron tomography imaging methods with diffraction contrast for materials research
S Hata, H Furukawa, T Gondo, D Hirakami, N Horii, KI Ikeda, K Kawamoto, ...
Microscopy 69 (3), 141-155, 2020
Key Role of d0 and d10 Cations for the Design of Semiconducting Colusites: Large Thermoelectric ZT in Cu26Ti2Sb6S32 Compounds
T Hagiwara, K Suekuni, P Lemoine, AR Supka, R Chetty, E Guilmeau, ...
Chemistry of Materials 33 (9), 3449-3456, 2021
Electron microscopy analysis of microstructure of postannealed aluminum nitride template
J Kaur, N Kuwano, KR Jamaludin, M Mitsuhara, H Saito, S Hata, S Suzuki, ...
Applied Physics Express 9 (6), 065502, 2016
Waveguide Bandgap in Crystalline Bandgap Slows Down Surface Plasmon Polariton
H Saito, N Yamamoto, T Sannomiya
ACS Photonics 4 (6), 1361-1370, 2017
Electron tomography: An imaging method for materials deformation dynamics
S Hata, T Honda, H Saito, M Mitsuhara, TC Petersen, M Murayama
Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 24 (4), 100850, 2020
Direct measurement of dispersion relation for surface plasmon-polaritons on silver nanoantennas
H Saito, H Kurata
Microscopy 63 (2), 155-159, 2014
Valley-polarized plasmonic edge mode visualized in the near-infrared spectral range
H Saito, D Yoshimoto, Y Moritake, T Matsukata, N Yamamoto, ...
Nano Letters 21 (15), 6556-6562, 2021
A dehydrated space-weathered skin cloaking the hydrated interior of Ryugu
T Noguchi, T Matsumoto, A Miyake, Y Igami, M Haruta, H Saito, S Hata, ...
Nature Astronomy 7 (2), 170-181, 2023
Five-second STEM dislocation tomography for 300 nm thick specimen assisted by deep-learning-based noise filtering
Y Zhao, S Koike, R Nakama, S Ihara, M Mitsuhara, M Murayama, S Hata, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 20720, 2021
Formation of a hybrid plasmonic waveguide mode probed by dispersion measurement
H Saito, H Kurata
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (13), 133107, 2015
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