Dr. N. S. Reddy
Dr. N. S. Reddy
School of Materials Science and Engineering
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Sitert av
The results of surgical management of displaced tibial plateau fractures in the elderly
A Biyani, NS Reddy, J Chaudhury, AJM Simison, L Klenerman
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Prediction of flow stress in Ti–6Al–4V alloy with an equiaxed α+ β microstructure by artificial neural networks
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A survey of the treatment of displaced intracapsular femoral neck fractures in the UK
PT Crossman, RJK Khan, A MacDowell, AC Gardner, NS Reddy, ...
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Prediction of grain size of Al–7Si Alloy by neural networks
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The origins of flow softening during high-temperature deformation of a Ti–6Al–4V alloy with a lamellar microstructure
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Modeling medium carbon steels by using artificial neural networks
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Tensile properties of a newly developed high-temperature titanium alloy at room temperature and 650° C
PL Narayana, SW Kim, JK Hong, NS Reddy, JT Yeom
Materials Science and Engineering: A 718, 287-291, 2018
Modeling hot deformation behavior of low-cost Ti-2Al-9.2 Mo-2Fe beta titanium alloy using a deep neural network
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Silica-polymer hybrid materials as methylene blue adsorbents
HS Jamwal, S Kumari, GS Chauhan, NS Reddy, JH Ahn
Journal of environmental chemical engineering 5 (1), 103-113, 2017
Artificial neural network modeling on the relative importance of alloying elements and heat treatment temperature to the stability of α and β phase in titanium alloys
NS Reddy, BB Panigrahi, CM Ho, JH Kim, CS Lee
Computational Materials Science 107, 175-183, 2015
Microstructural response of β-stabilized Ti–6Al–4V manufactured by direct energy deposition
PL Narayana, S Lee, SW Choi, CL Li, CH Park, JT Yeom, NS Reddy, ...
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Design of medium carbon steels by computational intelligence techniques
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Determination of the beta-approach curve and beta-transus temperature for titanium alloys using sensitivity analysis of a trained neural network
NS Reddy, CS Lee, JH Kim, SL Semiatin
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High temperature deformation behavior of Ti− 6Al− 4V alloy with and equiaxed microstructure: a neural networks analysis
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High strength and ductility of electron beam melted β stabilized γ-TiAl alloy at 800 C
PL Narayana, CL Li, SW Kim, SE Kim, A Marquardt, C Leyens, NS Reddy, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 756, 41-45, 2019
Synthesis of orange emitting Sm3+ doped sodium calcium silicate phosphor by sol-gel method for photonic device applications
H Kaur, M Jayasimhadri, MK Sahu, PK Rao, NS Reddy
Ceramics International 46 (16), 26434-26439, 2020
Modeling high-temperature mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steels by neural networks
PL Narayana, SW Lee, CH Park, JT Yeom, JK Hong, AK Maurya, ...
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Preparation of styryl benzylsulfones and 1, 2-bis (styrylsulfonylmethyl)-4, 5-dimethylbenzenes
DB Reddy, NS Reddy, S Reddy, HVR Reddy, S Balasubramanyan
Organic Preparations and Procedures International 20 (3), 205-211, 1988
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