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Oscar Yanes
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Metabolomics: the apogee of the omics trilogy
GJ Patti, O Yanes, G Siuzdak
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 13 (4), 263-269, 2012
The metabolome of induced pluripotent stem cells reveals metabolic changes occurring in somatic cell reprogramming
AD Panopoulos, O Yanes, S Ruiz, YS Kida, D Diep, R Tautenhahn, ...
Cell research 22 (1), 168-177, 2012
Metabolic oxidation regulates embryonic stem cell differentiation
O Yanes, J Clark, DM Wong, GJ Patti, A Sanchez-Ruiz, HP Benton, ...
Nature chemical biology 6 (6), 411-417, 2010
Clathrate nanostructures for mass spectrometry
TR Northen, O Yanes, MT Northen, D Marrinucci, W Uritboonthai, J Apon, ...
Nature 449 (7165), 1033-1036, 2007
Mass spectral databases for LC/MS-and GC/MS-based metabolomics: State of the field and future prospects
M Vinaixa, EL Schymanski, S Neumann, M Navarro, RM Salek, O Yanes
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 78, 23-35, 2016
A guideline to univariate statistical analysis for LC/MS-based untargeted metabolomics-derived data
M Vinaixa, S Samino, I Saez, J Duran, JJ Guinovart, O Yanes
Metabolites 2 (4), 775-795, 2012
Expanding coverage of the metabolome for global metabolite profiling
O Yanes, R Tautenhahn, GJ Patti, G Siuzdak
Analytical chemistry 83 (6), 2152-2161, 2011
NRK1 controls nicotinamide mononucleotide and nicotinamide riboside metabolism in mammalian cells
J Ratajczak, M Joffraud, SAJ Trammell, R Ras, N Canela, M Boutant, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 13103, 2016
Metabolomics implicates altered sphingolipids in chronic pain of neuropathic origin
GJ Patti, O Yanes, LP Shriver, JP Courade, R Tautenhahn, M Manchester, ...
Nature chemical biology 8 (3), 232-234, 2012
Neurons have an active glycogen metabolism that contributes to tolerance to hypoxia
I Saez, J Duran, C Sinadinos, A Beltran, O Yanes, MF Tevy, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 34 (6), 945-955, 2014
Liposcale: A novel advanced lipoprotein test based on 2D diffusion-ordered 1H NMR spectroscopy [S]
R Mallol, N Amigó, MA Rodríguez, M Heras, M Vinaixa, N Plana, E Rock, ...
Journal of lipid research 56 (3), 737-746, 2015
ADP-ribose–derived nuclear ATP synthesis by NUDIX5 is required for chromatin remodeling
RHG Wright, A Lioutas, F Le Dily, D Soronellas, A Pohl, J Bonet, AS Nacht, ...
Science 352 (6290), 1221-1225, 2016
Nanostructure initiator mass spectrometry: tissue imaging and direct biofluid analysis
O Yanes, HK Woo, TR Northen, SR Oppenheimer, L Shriver, J Apon, ...
Analytical chemistry 81 (8), 2969-2975, 2009
Nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry: a protocol for preparing and applying NIMS surfaces for high-sensitivity mass analysis
HK Woo, TR Northen, O Yanes, G Siuzdak
Nature protocols 3 (8), 1341-1349, 2008
Antioxidant or neurotrophic factor treatment preserves function in a mouse model of neovascularization-associated oxidative stress
MI Dorrell, E Aguilar, R Jacobson, O Yanes, R Gariano, J Heckenlively, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 119 (3), 611-623, 2009
Epigenetic regulation at the interplay between gut microbiota and host metabolism
J Miro-Blanch, O Yanes
Frontiers in genetics 10, 638, 2019
eRah: a computational tool integrating spectral deconvolution and alignment with quantification and identification of metabolites in GC/MS-based metabolomics
X Domingo-Almenara, J Brezmes, M Vinaixa, S Samino, N Ramirez, ...
Analytical Chemistry 88 (19), 9821-9829, 2016
Differential macrophage polarization promotes tissue remodeling and repair in a model of ischemic retinopathy
V Marchetti, O Yanes, E Aguilar, M Wang, D Friedlander, S Moreno, ...
Scientific reports 1 (1), 76, 2011
Detection of carbohydrates and steroids by cation-enhanced nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry (NIMS) for biofluid analysis and tissue imaging
GJ Patti, HK Woo, O Yanes, L Shriver, D Thomas, W Uritboonthai, ...
Analytical chemistry 82 (1), 121-128, 2010
Assessment of compatibility between extraction methods for NMR-and LC/MS-based metabolomics
A Beltran, M Suarez, MA Rodríguez, M Vinaixa, S Samino, L Arola, ...
Analytical chemistry 84 (14), 5838-5844, 2012
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