Geir H. Bolstad
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Sex-dependent dominance at a single locus maintains variation in age at maturity in salmon
NJ Barson, T Aykanat, K Hindar, M Baranski, GH Bolstad, P Fiske, C Jacq, ...
Nature 528 (7582), 405-408, 2015
Integrated phenotypes: understanding trait covariation in plants and animals
WS Armbruster, C Pélabon, GH Bolstad, TF Hansen
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Evolution of morphological allometry
C Pélabon, CJP Firmat, GH Bolstad, KL Voje, D Houle, J Cassara, ...
Wiley, 2014
Gene flow from domesticated escapes alters the life history of wild Atlantic salmon
GH Bolstad, K Hindar, G Robertsen, B Jonsson, H Sægrov, OH Diserud, ...
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On the relationship between ontogenetic and static allometry
C Pélabon, GH Bolstad, CK Egset, JM Cheverud, M Pavlicev, ...
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Mutation predicts 40 million years of fly wing evolution
D Houle, GH Bolstad, K van der Linde, TF Hansen
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Complex constraints on allometry revealed by artificial selection on the wing of Drosophila melanogaster
GH Bolstad, JA Cassara, E Márquez, TF Hansen, K van der Linde, ...
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Artificial selection on allometry: change in elevation but not slope
CK Egset, TF Hansen, A Le Rouzic, GH Bolstad, G Rosenqvist, C Pelabon
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Genetic constraints predict evolutionary divergence in Dalechampia blossoms
GH Bolstad, TF Hansen, C Pélabon, M Falahati-Anbaran, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …, 2014
Life‐history evolution under fluctuating density‐dependent selection and the adaptive alignment of pace‐of‐life syndromes
J Wright, GH Bolstad, YG Araya‐Ajoy, NJ Dingemanse
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Macroevolutionary patterns of pollination accuracy: a comparison of three genera
WS Armbruster, C Pélabon, TF Hansen, GH Bolstad
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Pollinators and seed predators generate conflicting selection on Dalechampia blossoms
R Pérez‐Barrales, GH Bolstad, C Pélabon, TF Hansen, WS Armbruster
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Direct selection at the blossom level on floral reward by pollinators in a natural population of Dalechampia schottii: full-disclosure honesty?
GH Bolstad, WS Armbruster, C Pélabon, R Pérez-Barrales, TF Hansen
New Phytologist, 370-384, 2010
The evolvability of herkogamy: Quantifying the evolutionary potential of a composite trait
ØH Opedal, GH Bolstad, TF Hansen, WS Armbruster, C Pélabon
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Geographical variation in allometry in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
CK Egset, GH Bolstad, G Rosenqvist, JA Endler, C Pelabon
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24 (12), 2631-2638, 2011
Supplementary stocking selects for domesticated genotypes
IJ Hagen, AJ Jensen, GH Bolstad, OH Diserud, K Hindar, H Lo, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-8, 2019
Temporal change in inbreeding depression in life‐history traits in captive populations of guppy (Poecilia reticulata): evidence for purging?
LK Larsen, C Pelabon, GH Bolstad, Å Viken, IA Fleming, G Rosenqvist
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The measure and mismeasure of reciprocity in heterostylous flowers
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Demographic measures of an individual’s “pace of life”: fecundity rate, lifespan, generation time, or a composite variable?
YG Araya-Ajoy, GH Bolstad, J Brommer, V Careau, NJ Dingemanse, ...
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72 (5), 75, 2018
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