Bjørg Risebrobakken
Bjørg Risebrobakken
Researcher at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
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The role of the Barents Sea in the Arctic climate system
LH Smedsrud, I Esau, RB Ingvaldsen, T Eldevik, PM Haugan, C Li, ...
Reviews of Geophysics 51 (3), 415-449, 2013
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B Risebrobakken, E Jansen, C Andersson, E Mjelde, K Hevrøy
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Palaeoclimate constraints on the impact of 2 C anthropogenic warming and beyond
H Fischer, KJ Meissner, AC Mix, NJ Abram, J Austermann, V Brovkin, ...
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C Andersson, B Risebrobakken, E Jansen, SO Dahl
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B Risebrobakken, T Dokken, LH Smedsrud, C Andersson, E Jansen, ...
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C Andersson, FSR Pausata, E Jansen, B Risebrobakken, RJ Telford
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Late Eemian warming in the Nordic Seas as seen in proxy data and climate models
A Born, KH Nisancioglu, B Risebrobakken
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The penultimate deglaciation: high-resolution paleoceanographic evidence from a north–south transect along the eastern Nordic seas
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Earth and Planetary Science Letters 241 (3-4), 505-516, 2006
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NO Chistyakova, EV Ivanova, B Risebrobakken, EA Ovsepyan, ...
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EV Ivanova, EA Ovsepyan, B Risebrobakken, AA Vetrov
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Climate variability and long-term expansion of peatlands in Arctic Norway during the late Pliocene (ODP Site 642, Norwegian Sea)
S Panitz, U Salzmann, B Risebrobakken, S De Schepper, M J Pound
Climate of the Past 12 (4), 1043-1060, 2016
Echoes from the past: A healthy Baltic Sea requires more effort
AT Kotilainen, L Arppe, S Dobosz, E Jansen, K Kabel, J Karhu, ...
Ambio 43 (1), 60-68, 2014
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