Mohammad (Farhad) Zaker tabrizi
Mohammad (Farhad) Zaker tabrizi
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A review of dispersion of nanoparticles in cementitious matrices: Nanoparticle geometry perspective
AH Korayem, N Tourani, M Zakertabrizi, AM Sabziparvar, WH Duan
Construction and Building Materials 153, 346-357, 2017
A review of the impact of micro-and nanoparticles on freeze-thaw durability of hardened concrete: Mechanism perspective
K Ebrahimi, MJ Daiezadeh, M Zakertabrizi, F Zahmatkesh, AH Korayem
Construction and Building Materials 186, 1105-1113, 2018
A novel method to enhance the interlayer bonding of 3D printing concrete: An experimental and computational investigation
E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, AH Korayem, G Xu
Cement and Concrete Composites 99, 112-119, 2019
New molecular understanding of hydrated ion trapping mechanism during thermally-driven desalination by pervaporation using GO membrane
W Cha-Umpong, E Hosseini, A Razmjou, M Zakertabrizi, AH Korayem, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 598, 117687, 2020
Designing Angstrom‐Scale Asymmetric MOF‐on‐MOF Cavities for High Monovalent Ion Selectivity
M Abdollahzadeh, M Chai, E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, M Mohammad, ...
Advanced Materials 34 (9), 2107878, 2022
Tunable, multifunctional ceramic composites via intercalation of fused graphene boron nitride nanosheets
E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, A Habibnejad Korayem, R Shahsavari
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (8), 8635-8644, 2019
Insight from perfectly selective and ultrafast proton transport through anhydrous asymmetrical graphene oxide membranes under Grotthuss mechanism
M Zakertabrizi, E Hosseini, AH Korayem, A Razmjou, AG Fane, V Chen
Journal of Membrane Science 618, 118735, 2021
Mechanical and electromechanical properties of functionalized hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet: A density functional theory study
E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, A Habibnejad Korayem, Z Chang
The Journal of chemical physics 149 (11), 2018
Orbital overlapping through induction bonding overcomes the intrinsic delamination of 3D-printed cementitious binders
E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, A Habibnejad Korayem, Z Zaker, ...
ACS nano 14 (8), 9466-9477, 2020
Bioinspired angstrom-scale heterogeneous MOF-on-MOF membrane for osmotic energy harvesting
RK Tonnah, M Chai, M Abdollahzadeh, H Xiao, M Mohammad, ...
ACS nano 17 (13), 12445-12457, 2023
Graphene oxide in ceramic-based layered structure: Nanosheet optimization
E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, AH Korayem, S Chen, SK Mohsenabadi
Construction and Building Materials 224, 266-275, 2019
Effects of amide-based modifiers on surface activation and devulcanization of rubber
SF Kabirb, M Zakertabrizi, E Hosseini, EH Fini
Computational Materials Science 188, 110175, 2021
Aqueous dispersion of carbon nanomaterials with cellulose nanocrystals: an investigation of molecular interactions
M Aramfard, O Kaynan, E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, LM Pérez, A Asadi
Small 18 (37), 2202216, 2022
Turning two waste streams into one solution for enhancing sustainability of the built environment
M Zakertabrizi, E Hosseini, S Sukumaran, AH Korayem, EH Fini
Resources, Conservation and Recycling 174, 105778, 2021
Hydrous proton transfer through graphene interlayer: an extraordinary mechanism under magnifier
M Zakertabrizi, E Hosseini, A Habibnejad Korayem, A Razmjou
Advanced Materials Technologies 6 (10), 2001049, 2021
Heterogeneous asymmetric passable cavities within graphene oxide nanochannels for highly efficient lithium sieving
H Ahmadi, M Zakertabrizi, E Hosseini, W Cha-Umpong, M Abdollahzadeh, ...
Desalination 538, 115888, 2022
Robust cleaning mechanism permanently detaches hydrocarbon species from silicate surfaces by amphiphiles
E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, S Shariati, AI Rajib, EH Fini
Applied Surface Science 558, 149954, 2021
Multifunctionality through Embedding Patterned Nanostructures in High‐Performance Composites
O Kaynan, E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, E Motta De Castro, LM Pérez, ...
Advanced Materials 35 (32), 2300948, 2023
Mechanical hydrolysis imparts self-destruction of water molecules under steric confinement
E Hosseini, M Zakertabrizi, AH Korayem, P Carbone, A Esfandiar, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (10), 5999-6008, 2021
Engineering Multimaterial Nanostructured Deposits by the Amphiphilicity Degree and Intermolecular Forces
S Shariatnia, M Zakertabrizi, E Hosseini, K Song, D Jarrahbashi, A Asadi
Advanced Materials Technologies 8 (7), 2201569, 2023
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