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Andrew French
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The future of evapotranspiration: Global requirements for ecosystem functioning, carbon and climate feedbacks, agricultural management, and water resources
JB Fisher, F Melton, E Middleton, C Hain, M Anderson, R Allen, ...
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F Li, TJ Jackson, WP Kustas, TJ Schmugge, AN French, MH Cosh, ...
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ECOSTRESS: NASA's next generation mission to measure evapotranspiration from the international space station
JB Fisher, B Lee, AJ Purdy, GH Halverson, MB Dohlen, ...
Water Resources Research 56 (4), e2019WR026058, 2020
Decreased CO2 availability and inactivation of Rubisco limit photosynthesis in cotton plants under heat and drought stress in the field
AE Carmo-Silva, MA Gore, P Andrade-Sanchez, AN French, DJ Hunsaker, ...
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Iodine electrophiles in stereoselective reactions: recent developments and synthetic applications
AN French, S Bissmire, T Wirth
Chemical Society Reviews 33 (6), 354-362, 2004
Surface energy fluxes with the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer (ASTER) at the Iowa 2002 SMACEX site (USA)
AN French, F Jacob, MC Anderson, WP Kustas, W Timmermans, A Gieske, ...
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T Schmugge, A French, JC Ritchie, A Rango, H Pelgrum
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F Jacob, F Petitcolin, T Schmugge, E Vermote, A French, K Ogawa
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Further evidence supporting the importance of and the restrictions on a carbon-centered radical for high antimalarial activity of 1, 2, 4-trioxanes like artemisinin
GH Posner, D Wang, JN Cumming, CH Oh, AN French, AL Bodley, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 38 (13), 2273-2275, 1995
Remote sensing of evapotranspiration over cotton using the TSEB and METRIC energy balance models
AN French, DJ Hunsaker, KR Thorp
Remote Sensing of Environment 158, 281-294, 2015
Land surface temperature retrieval at high spatial and temporal resolutions over the southwestern United States
AK Inamdar, A French, S Hook, G Vaughan, W Luckett
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 113 (D7), 2008
Comparative aerial and ground based high throughput phenotyping for the genetic dissection of NDVI as a proxy for drought adaptive traits in durum wheat
GE Condorelli, M Maccaferri, M Newcomb, P Andrade-Sanchez, JW White, ...
Frontiers in plant science 9, 893, 2018
Detecting land cover change at the Jornada Experimental Range, New Mexico with ASTER emissivities
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AC Boye, D Meyer, CK Ingison, AN French, T Wirth
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Chiral hypervalent organo‐iodine (III) compounds
UH Hirt, MFH Schuster, AN French, OG Wiest, T Wirth
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2001 (8), 1569-1579, 2001
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