Yaroslava Andreeva
Yaroslava Andreeva
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Laser coloration of metals in visual art and design
YM Andreeva, VC Luong, DS Lutoshina, OS Medvedev, VY Mikhailovskii, ...
Optical Materials Express 9 (3), 1310-1319, 2019
Development of complete color palette based on spectrophotometric measurements of steel oxidation results for enhancement of color laser marking technology
V Veiko, G Odintsova, E Gorbunova, E Ageev, A Shimko, Y Karlagina, ...
Materials & Design 89, 684-688, 2016
Composition analysis of oxide films formed on titanium surface under pulsed laser action by method of chemical thermodynamics
EI Ageev, YM Andreeva, YY Karlagina, YR Kolobov, SS Manokhin, ...
Laser Physics 27 (4), 046001, 2017
Laser paintbrush as a tool for modern art
VP Veiko, Y Andreeva, L Van Cuong, D Lutoshina, D Polyakov, D Sinev, ...
Optica 8 (5), 577-585, 2021
Laser coloration of titanium films: New development for jewelry and decoration
V Veiko, G Odintsova, E Vlasova, Y Andreeva, A Krivonosov, E Ageev, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 93, 9-13, 2017
Investigation of production related impact on the optical properties of color laser marking
G Odintsova, Y Andreeva, A Salminen, H Roozbahani, L Van Cuong, ...
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 274, 116263, 2019
High-resolution large-scale plasmonic laser color printing for jewelry applications
GV Odintsova, EA Vlasova, YM Andreeva, MK Moskvin, AS Krivonosov, ...
Optics express 27 (3), 3672-3681, 2019
Single-shot femtosecond laser processing of Al-alloy surface: An interplay between Mbar shock waves, enhanced microhardness, residual stresses, and chemical modification
EI Ageev, YM Andreeva, AA Ionin, NS Kashaev, SI Kudryashov, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 126, 106131, 2020
Influence of light incident angle on reflectance spectra of metals processed by color laser marking technology
EI Ageev, YM Andreeva, PN Brunkov, YY Karlagina, GV Odintsova, ...
Optical and Quantum Electronics 49, 1-7, 2017
Insights into Ultrashort Laser-Driven Au:TiO2 Nanocomposite Formation
Y Andreeva, N Sharma, A Rudenko, J Mikhailova, M Sergeev, VP Veiko, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (18), 10209-10219, 2020
Picosecond laser writing of Ag− SiO2 nanocomposite nanogratings for optical filtering
Y Andreeva, V Koval, M Sergeev, VP Veiko, N Destouches, F Vocanson, ...
Optics and Lasers in Engineering 124, 105840, 2020
Fluid Cells Fabrication in Sol-Gel and Porous Glass
YM Andreeva, MM Sergeev, RA Zakoldaev, UE Gabysheva, VP Veiko, ...
Journal of Laser Micro Nanoengineering 13 (3), 193-197, 2018
Laser Fabrication of Highly Ordered Nanocomposite Subwavelength Gratings
Y Andreeva, A Suvorov, E Grigoryev, D Khmelenin, M Zhukov, V Makin, ...
Nanomaterials 12 (16), 2811, 2022
Production of laser art miniatures using localized oxidation of metals
VP Veiko, VK Luong, SG Gornyi, YM Andreeva, DS Lutoshina, ...
Journal of Optical Technology 87 (10), 633-637, 2020
Precise laser-induced local modification of AZO: Ag films and their optical properties
MM Sergeev, VR Gresko, YM Andreeva, LA Sokura, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 151, 108059, 2022
Laser paintbrush as a new tool of modern art
V Veiko, Y Andreeva, CV Luong, D Lutoshina, G Odintsova
Optica. Search in, 2021
Local Annealing of Ag-TiO2 Nanocomposite Films with Plasmonic Response by CW UV Laser Scanning
PV Varlamov, MM Sergeev, YM Andreeva, VR Gresko, AS Loshachenko, ...
Materials Proceedings 4 (1), 50, 2020
Fabrication and Optical Properties of Plasmonic Nanocomposite Structures
Y Andreeva, P Varlamov, F Vocanson, N Destouches, T Itina
2020 Fourteenth International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel …, 2020
Formation of nanoparticles from thin silver films under a liquid layer by single-shot nanosecond laser action
Y Kazakova, Y Andreeva, M Sergeev, V Mikhailovskii, E Ageev
Optical and Quantum Electronics 52 (2), 97, 2020
Research of the entrance angle effect on the reflectance spectra of the stainless steel surface oxidized by pulsed laser radiation
VV Pavlovich, V Odintsova Galina, KY Yu, YM Andreeva, I Ageev Eduard
Journal Scientific and Technical Of Information Technologies, Mechanics and …, 2016
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