Ioannis Vizirianakis
Ioannis Vizirianakis
Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics
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Erythropoiesis: model systems, molecular regulators, and developmental programs
AS Tsiftsoglou, IS Vizirianakis, J Strouboulis
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Mechanisms involved in the induced differentiation of leukemia cells
AS Tsiftsoglou, IS Pappas, IS Vizirianakis
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Nanomedicine and personalized medicine toward the application of pharmacotyping in clinical practice to improve drug-delivery outcomes
IS Vizirianakis
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DG Fatouros, DA Lamprou, AJ Urquhart, SN Yannopoulos, IS Vizirianakis, ...
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Pharmaceutical education in the wake of genomic technologies for drug development and personalized medicine
IS Vizirianakis
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Chemotherapeutic delivery from a self-assembling peptide nanofiber hydrogel for the management of glioblastoma
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Fabrication of hollow microneedles using liquid crystal display (LCD) vat polymerization 3D printing technology for transdermal macromolecular delivery
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Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (19), 6779-6810, 2010
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