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Income inequality and demand for redistribution: A multilevel analysis of European public opinion
H Finseraas
Scandinavian Political Studies 32 (1), 94-119, 2009
The state intervenes in the battle of the sexes: Causal effects of paternity leave
A Kotsadam, H Finseraas
Social Science Research 40 (6), 1611-1622, 2011
The publics’ concern for global warming: A cross-national study of 47 countries
B Kvaløy, H Finseraas, O Listhaug
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H Finseraas
Comparative European Politics 6 (4), 407-431, 2008
Does personal contact with ethnic minorities affect anti‐immigrant sentiments? Evidence from a field experiment
H Finseraas, A Kotsadam
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It can happen here: The impact of the Mumbai terror attacks on public opinion in Western Europe
H Finseraas, O Listhaug
Public Choice 156, 213-228, 2013
Exposure to female colleagues breaks the glass ceiling—Evidence from a combined vignette and field experiment
H Finseraas, ÅA Johnsen, A Kotsadam, G Torsvik
European Economic Review 90, 363-374, 2016
Political reinforcement: how rising inequality curbs manifested welfare generosity
E Barth, H Finseraas, KO Moene
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Trust, ethnic diversity, and personal contact: A field experiment
H Finseraas, T Hanson, ÅA Johnsen, A Kotsadam, G Torsvik
Journal of Public Economics 173, 72-84, 2019
Did the murder of Theo van Gogh change Europeans' immigration policy preferences?
H Finseraas, N Jakobsson, A Kotsadam
Kyklos 64 (3), 396-409, 2011
A mixed blessing for the left? Early voting, turnout and election outcomes in Norway
H Finseraas, K Vernby
Electoral Studies 33, 278-291, 2014
Welfare dualism in two Scandinavian welfare states: Public opinion and party politics
AH Bay, H Finseraas, AW Pedersen
West European Politics 36 (1), 199-220, 2013
Poverty, ethnic minorities among the poor, and preferences for redistribution in European regions
H Finseraas
Journal of European Social Policy 22 (2), 164-180, 2012
Anti-immigration attitudes, support for redistribution and party choice in Europe
H Finseraas
Changing social equality, 23-44, 2011
What parties are and what parties do: partisanship and welfare state reform in an era of austerity
H Finseraas, K Vernby
Socio-Economic Review 9 (4), 613-638, 2011
Gender bias in academic recruitment? Evidence from a survey experiment in the Nordic region
M Carlsson, H Finseraas, AH Midtbøen, GL Rafnsdóttir
European Sociological Review 37 (3), 399-410, 2021
Voting rights and immigrant incorporation: Evidence from Norway
J Ferwerda, H Finseraas, J Bergh
British Journal of Political Science 50 (2), 713-730, 2020
Linguistic diversity and workplace productivity
H Dale-Olsen, H Finseraas
Labour Economics 64, 101813, 2020
Hvordan identifisere årsakssammenhenger i ikke-eksperimentelle data?–En ikke-teknisk introduksjon
H Finseraas, A Kotsadam
Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning 54 (3), 371-387, 2013
What if Robin Hood is a social conservative? How the political response to increasing inequality depends on party polarization
H Finseraas
Socio-Economic Review 8 (2), 283-306, 2010
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