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Liquid‐phase exfoliation of graphite towards solubilized graphenes
AB Bourlinos, V Georgakilas, R Zboril, TA Steriotis, AK Stubos
small 5 (16), 1841-1845, 2009
Graphene fluoride: a stable stoichiometric graphene derivative and its chemical conversion to graphene
R Zbořil, F Karlický, AB Bourlinos, TA Steriotis, AK Stubos, V Georgakilas, ...
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Aqueous-phase exfoliation of graphite in the presence of polyvinylpyrrolidone for the production of water-soluble graphenes
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Organic functionalisation of graphenes
V Georgakilas, AB Bourlinos, R Zboril, TA Steriotis, P Dallas, AK Stubos, ...
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Effect of liquid films on the drying of porous media
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Pore-network study of the characteristic periods in the drying of porous materials
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A Mavrandonakis, E Tylianakis, AK Stubos, GE Froudakis
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Scaling theory of drying in porous media
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Prediction of the phase equilibria of methane hydrates using the direct phase coexistence methodology
VK Michalis, J Costandy, IN Tsimpanogiannis, AK Stubos, IG Economou
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Experimental investigation of asphaltene deposition mechanism during oil flow in core samples
NI Papadimitriou, GE Romanos, GC Charalambopoulou, ...
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Phase change in porous media
YC Yortsos, AK Stubos
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Polymer-stable magnesium nanocomposites prepared by laser ablation for efficient hydrogen storage
SS Makridis, EI Gkanas, G Panagakos, ES Kikkinides, AK Stubos, ...
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On the optimization of hydrogen storage in metal hydride beds
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Evaluation of the Hydrogen-Storage Capacity of Pure H2 and Binary H2-THF Hydrates with Monte Carlo Simulations
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High pressure gas permeability of microporous carbon membranes
FK Katsaros, TA Steriotis, AK Stubos, A Mitropoulos, NK Kanellopoulos, ...
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