Juan Antonio Rodríguez
Juan Antonio Rodríguez
Post-doctoral Researcher
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Derived immune and ancestral pigmentation alleles in a 7,000-year-old Mesolithic European
I Olalde, ME Allentoft, F Sánchez-Quinto, G Santpere, CWK Chiang, ...
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Replicability and prediction: lessons and challenges from GWAS
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Antagonistic pleiotropy and mutation accumulation influence human senescence and disease
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267 Spanish exomes reveal population-specific differences in disease-related genetic variation
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Combining multiple hypothesis testing with machine learning increases the statistical power of genome-wide association studies
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Properties of human disease genes and the role of genes linked to Mendelian disorders in complex disease aetiology
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Discovering the 3′ UTR-mediated regulation of alpha-synuclein
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Genetic factors affecting EBV copy number in lymphoblastoid cell lines derived from the 1000 Genome Project samples
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Genomic analysis of the blood attributed to Louis XVI (1754–1793), king of France
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Integrating genomics into evolutionary medicine
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STAG2 loss-of-function affects short-range genomic contacts and modulates the basal-luminal transcriptional program of bladder cancer cells
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Reply to: Retesting the influences of mutation accumulation and antagonistic pleiotropy on human senescence and disease
JA Rodríguez, X Farre, G Muntané, UM Marigorta, DA Hughes, N Spataro, E ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 3, 994-995, 2019
Hi-C chromosome conformation capture sequencing of avian genomes using the BGISEQ-500 platform
M Sandoval-Velasco, JA Rodríguez, C Perez Estrada, G Zhang, ...
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Sex-determining 3D regulatory hubs revealed by genome spatial auto-correlation analysis
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4 GWAS replicability across time and space
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Genome-Wide Association Studies: From Polymorphism to Personalized Medicine …, 2016
GWAS: a milestone in the road from genotypes to phenotypes
UM Marigota, JA Rodriguez, A Navarro
Genome-Wide Association Studies: From Polymorphism to Personalized Medicine 12, 2016
Three-dimensional genome architecture persists in a 52,000-year-old woolly mammoth skin sample
M Sandoval-Velasco, O Dudchenko, JA Rodríguez, C Pérez Estrada, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.06. 30.547175, 2023
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