Chuan-Fu Lin
Chuan-Fu Lin
Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America, University of Maryland
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Next-Generation Lithium Metal Anode Engineering via Atomic Layer Deposition
AC Kozen, CF Lin, AJ Pearse, MA Schroeder, X Han, L Hu, SB Lee, ...
ACS nano 9 (6), 5884-5892, 2015
Reducing interfacial resistance between garnet‐structured solid‐state electrolyte and Li‐metal anode by a germanium layer
W Luo, Y Gong, Y Zhu, Y Li, Y Yao, Y Zhang, K Fu, G Pastel, CF Lin, Y Mo, ...
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Ultrathin surface coating enables the stable sodium metal anode
W Luo*, CF Lin*, O Zhao, M Noked, Y Zhang, GW Rubloff, L Hu
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AC Kozen, AJ Pearse, CF Lin, M Noked, GW Rubloff
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Stabilization of Lithium Metal Anodes by Hybrid Artificial Solid Electrolyte Interphase
AC Kozen*, CF Lin*, O Zhao, SB Lee, GW Rubloff, M Noked
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Nanoscale solid state batteries enabled by thermal atomic layer deposition of a lithium polyphosphazene solid state electrolyte
AJ Pearse, TE Schmitt, EJ Fuller, F El-Gabaly, CF Lin, K Gerasopoulos, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (8), 3740-3753, 2017
High-capacity lithium sulfur battery and beyond: a review of metal anode protection layers and perspective of solid-state electrolytes
Y Wang, E Sahadeo, G Rubloff, CF Lin*, SB Lee*
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Atomic Layer Deposition and in Situ Characterization of Ultraclean Lithium Oxide and Lithium Hydroxide
AC Kozen, AJ Pearse, CF Lin, MA Schroeder, M Noked, SB Lee, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (48), 27749-27753, 2014
ALD protection of Li‐metal anode surfaces–Quantifying and preventing chemical and electrochemical corrosion in organic solvent
CF Lin, AC Kozen, M Noked, C Liu, GW Rubloff
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Solid electrolyte lithium phosphous oxynitride as a protective nanocladding layer for 3D high-capacity conversion electrodes
CF Lin, M Noked, AC Kozen, C Liu, O Zhao, K Gregorczyk, L Hu, SB Lee, ...
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Epitaxial Welding of Carbon Nanotube Networks for Aqueous Battery Current Collectors
Y Yao, F Jiang, C Yang, K Fu, J Hayden, CF Lin, H Xie, M Jiao, C Yang, ...
ACS Nano 12 (6), 5266–5273, 2018
Electrochemically Controlled Solid Electrolyte Interphase Layers Enable Superior Li-S Batteries
Y Wang, CF Lin*, J Rao, KJ Gaskell, GW Rubloff, SB Lee*
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (29), 24554–24563, 2018
Highly Conductive, Light Weight, Robust, Corrosion-Resistant, Scalable, All-Fiber Based Current Collectors for Aqueous Acidic Batteries
W Luo, J Hayden, SH Jang, Y Wang, Y Zhang, Y Kuang, Y Wang, Y Zhou, ...
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Nanoscale Protection Layers To Mitigate Degradation in High-Energy Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
CF Lin*, Y Qi, K Gregorczyk, SB Lee, GW Rubloff*
Accounts of Chemical Research 51 (1), pp 97–106, 2018
Highly reversible conversion-type FeOF composite electrode with extended lithium insertion by ALD LiPON protection
CF Lin, X Fan, A Pearse, SC Liou, K Gregorczyk, M Leskes, C Wang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (20), 8780–8791, 2017
Ion‐Conducting, Electron‐Blocking Layer for High Performance Solid Electrolytes
E Hitz, H Xie, Y Lin, J Connell, G Rubloff, CF Lin, L Hu
Small Structures, 2021
Instrument response of reflection high energy electron diffraction pole figure
L Chen, J Dash, P Su, CF Lin, I Bhat, TM Lu, GC Wang
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Li-containing organic thin film—structure of lithium propane dioxide via molecular layer deposition
H Wang, KE Gregorczyk, SB Lee, GW Rubloff, CF Lin
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Suppression of hydrogen evolution at catalytic surfaces in aqueous lithium ion batteries
F Wang, CF Lin, X Ji, GW Rubloff, C Wang
Journal of materials chemistry A 8 (30), 14921-14926, 2020
Mg2+ ion-catalyzed polymerization of 1, 3-dioxolane in battery electrolytes
E Sahadeo, Y Wang, CF Lin, Y Li, GW Rubloff, SB Lee
Chemical Communications, 2020
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