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Scraping the bottom of the barrel: are rare high throughput sequences artifacts?
SP Brown, AM Veach, AR Rigdon-Huss, K Grond, SK Lickteig, ...
fungal ecology 13, 221-225, 2015
The avian gut microbiota: community, physiology and function in wild birds
K Grond, BK Sandercock, A Jumpponen, LH Zeglin
Journal of Avian Biology 49 (11), e01788, 2018
Intestinal Microbiota and Species Diversity of Campylobacter and Helicobacter spp. in Migrating Shorebirds in Delaware Bay
H Ryu, K Grond, B Verheijen, M Elk, DM Buehler, JW Santo Domingo
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80 (6), 1838-1847, 2014
Do Uniparental Sanderlings Calidris alba Increase Egg Heat Input to Compensate for Low Nest Attentiveness?
J Reneerkens, K Grond, H Schekkerman, I Tulp, T Piersma
PLOS one 6 (2), e16834, 2011
Recruitment and establishment of the gut microbiome in arctic shorebirds
K Grond, RB Lanctot, A Jumpponen, BK Sandercock
FEMS microbiology ecology 93 (12), fix142, 2017
Sanderlings using African–Eurasian flyways: a review of current knowledge
J Reneerkens, A Benhoussa, H Boland, M Collier, K Grond, K Günther, ...
Wader Study Group Bulletin 116 (1), 2-20, 2009
Phenological mismatch in Arctic‐breeding shorebirds: Impact of snowmelt and unpredictable weather conditions on food availability and chick growth
ST Saalfeld, DC McEwen, DC Kesler, MG Butler, JA Cunningham, ...
Ecology and Evolution 9 (11), 6693-6707, 2019
Gastro-intestinal microbiota of two migratory shorebird species during spring migration staging in Delaware Bay, USA
K Grond, H Ryu, AJ Baker, JW , Santo Domingo, DM Buehler
Journal of Ornithology 155 (4), 969-977, 2014
Composition and drivers of gut microbial communities in arctic-breeding shorebirds
K Grond, JW Santo Domingo, RB Lanctot, A Jumpponen, RL Bentzen, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 2258, 2019
No evidence for phylosymbiosis in western chipmunk species
K Grond, KC Bell, JR Demboski, M Santos, JM Sullivan, SM Hird
FEMS microbiology ecology 96 (1), fiz182, 2020
Avian gut microbiomes taking flight
KH Bodawatta, SM Hird, K Grond, M Poulsen, KA Jønsson
Trends in microbiology 30 (3), 268-280, 2022
Prey type and foraging ecology of Sanderlings Calidris alba in different climate zones: are tropical areas more favourable than temperate sites?
K Grond, Y Ntiamoa-Baidu, T Piersma, J Reneerkens
PeerJ 3, e1125, 2015
Spatial heterogeneity of the shorebird gastrointestinal microbiome
K Grond, H Guilani, SM Hird
Royal Society open science 7 (1), 191609, 2020
Longitudinal microbiome profiling reveals impermanence of probiotic bacteria in domestic pigeons
K Grond, JM Perreau, WT Loo, AJ Spring, CM Cavanaugh, SM Hird
PloS one 14 (6), e0217804, 2019
Scraping the bottom of the barrel: are rare high throughput sequences artifacts? Fungal Ecol 13: 221–225
SP Brown, AM Veach, AR Rigdon-Huss, K Grond, SK Lickteig, ...
Effects of leg flags on nest survival of four species of Arctic‐breeding shorebirds
EL Weiser, RB Lanctot, SC Brown, H River Gates, RL Bentzen, ...
Journal of Field Ornithology 89 (3), 287-297, 2018
Development and dynamics of gut microbial communities of migratory shorebirds in the Western Hemisphere
K Grond
Kansas State University, 2017
Dissolved organic matter production from herder application and in-situ burning of crude oil at high latitudes: Bioavailable molecular composition patterns and microbial …
PL Tomco, KN Duddleston, A Driskill, JJ Hatton, K Grond, T Wrenn, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 424, 127598, 2022
Why do some Sanderlings Calidris alba winter in the Wadden Sea while others prefer tropical beaches?
J Reneerkens, K Grond, E Koomson, Y Ntiamoa-Baidu, T Piersma
Limosa, 2009
Gut microbiome is affected by gut region but robust to host physiological changes in captive active-season ground squirrels
K Grond, CC Kurtz, J Hatton, MM Sonsalla, KN Duddleston
Animal microbiome 3 (1), 1-11, 2021
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