Dr. Nandini Das
Dr. Nandini Das
Scientist, CSIR-CGCRI
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Sitert av
Nanosized bismuth ferrite powder prepared through sonochemical and microemulsion techniques
N Das, R Majumdar, A Sen, HS Maiti
Materials Letters 61 (10), 2100-2104, 2007
Particle size dependence of magnetization and phase transition near TN in multiferroic BiFeO3
R Mazumder, S Ghosh, P Mondal, D Bhattacharya, S Dasgupta, N Das, ...
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Demand side climate change mitigation actions and SDGs: literature review with systematic evidence search
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Synthesis of NaX zeolite-graphite amine fiber composite membrane: role of graphite amine in membrane formation for H2/CO2 separation
P Roy, N Das
Applied Surface Science 480, 934-944, 2019
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