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A review of the abundance and diversity of invertebrate and plant foods of granivorous birds in northern Europe in relation to agricultural change
JD Wilson, AJ Morris, BE Arroyo, SC Clark, RB Bradbury
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B Arroyo, M Razin
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Effect of human activities on the behaviour of breeding Spanish imperial eagles (Aquila adalberti): management implications for the conservation of a threatened …
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F Jiguet, B Arroyo, V Bretagnolle
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B Arroyo, F Mougeot, V Bretagnolle
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(De) legitimising hunting–Discourses over the morality of hunting in Europe and eastern Africa
A Fischer, V Kereži, B Arroyo, M Mateos-Delibes, D Tadie, A Lowassa, ...
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Archiving primary data: solutions for long-term studies
JA Mills, C Teplitsky, B Arroyo, A Charmantier, PH Becker, TR Birkhead, ...
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Avian predators as a biological control system of common vole (Microtus arvalis) populations in north‐western Spain: experimental set‐up and preliminary results
A Paz, D Jareño, L Arroyo, J Viñuela, B Arroyo, F Mougeot, ...
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BE Arroyo
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CF Madden, B Arroyo, A Amar
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SM Redpath, BE Arroyo, B Etheridge, F Leckie, K Bouwman, SJ Thirgood
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Drivers of red fox (Vulpes vulpes) daily activity: prey availability, human disturbance or habitat structure?
F Díaz‐Ruiz, J Caro, M Delibes‐Mateos, B Arroyo, P Ferreras
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On the multifunctionality of hunting–an institutional analysis of eight cases from Europe and Africa
A Fischer, C Sandström, M Delibes-Mateos, B Arroyo, D Tadie, D Randall, ...
Journal of Environmental Planning and management 56 (4), 531-552, 2013
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