Marine Collignon
Marine Collignon
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Forward and inverse modeling of lithospheric deformation on geological timescales
BJP Kaus, AA Popov, TS Baumann, AE Püsök, A Bauville, N Fernandez, ...
Proceedings NIC Symposium 2016 - Proceedings2016 48, 2016
Organic carbon isotope chemostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy in the Volgian of Svalbard.
Ø Hammer, M Collignon, HA Nakrem
Norwegian Journal of Geology/Norsk Geologisk Forening 92, 2012
Petrography and sedimentology of the Slottsmøya Member at Janusfjellet, central Spitsbergen.
M Collignon, Ø Hammer
Norwegian Journal of Geology/Norsk Geologisk Forening 92, 2012
Evaluating thermal losses and storage capacity in high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage (HT-ATES) systems with well operating limits: insights from a study-case in …
M Collignon, ØS Klemetsdal, O Møyner, M Alcanié, AP Rinaldi, H Nilsen, ...
Geothermics 85, 101773, 2020
Modeling of wind gap formation and development of sedimentary basins during fold growth: application to the Zagros Fold Belt, Iran
M Collignon, P Yamato, S Castelltort, BJP Kaus
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 41 (11), 1521-1535, 2016
Influences of surface processes on fold growth during 3‐D detachment folding
M Collignon, BJP Kaus, DA May, N Fernandez
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 15 (8), 3281-3303, 2014
Modelling fluid flow in clastic eruptions: Application to the Lusi mud eruption
M Collignon, DW Schmid, C Galerne, M Lupi, A Mazzini
Marine and Petroleum Geology 90, 173-190, 2018
Influence of surface processes and initial topography on lateral fold growth and fold linkage mode
M Collignon, N Fernandez, BJP Kaus
Tectonics 34 (8), 1622-1645, 2015
Modelling fluid flow in active clastic piercements: Challenges and approaches
M Collignon, A Mazzini, DW Schmid, M Lupi
Marine and Petroleum Geology 90, 157-172, 2018
Enhanced hydrothermal processes at the new-born Lusi eruptive system, Indonesia
M Lupi, A Mazzini, A Sciarra, M Collignon, DW Schmid, A Husein, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 366, 47-57, 2018
Short‐time (< 10 ka) denudation rates as a marker of active folding in the Zagros Fold Belt (Iran)
M Collignon, N Haghipour, M Lupker, A Mohammadi, M Christl, JP Burg
Terra Nova 31 (2), 111-119, 2019
Simulation of Geothermal Systems Using MRST
M Collignon, Ø Klemetsdal, O Møyner
Advanced Modeling with the MATLAB Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST) 12 …, 2021
Sedimentological analysis of the Slottsmøya Member, Agardhfjellet Formation (Late Jurassic - Early Cretaceous) in the Janusfjellet area, Spitsbergen.
M Collignon
Master Thesis, University of Oslo, 2011
Carbon dioxide diffuse emission at the Tolhuaca hydrothermal system (Chile) controlled by tectonics and topography
M Collignon, C Cardellini, S Duprat-Oualid, Ø Hammer, G Chiodini, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 107316, 2021
Geysers, boiling groundwater and tectonics: the 3D subsurface resistive structure of the Haukadalur hydrothermal field, Iceland
M Lupi, M Collignon, F Fischanger, A Carrier, D Trippanera, L Pioli
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 127 (11), e2022JB024040, 2022
3D Basin‐Scale Groundwater Flow Modeling as a Tool for Geothermal Exploration: Application to the Geneva Basin, Switzerland‐France
M Alcanié, M Collignon, O Møyner, M Lupi
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 22 (5), e2020GC009505, 2021
Conduit Processes at the Haukadalur Geyser‐Hosting Hydrothermal Field (Iceland) Revealed by In Situ Temperature and High‐Speed Camera Measurements
M Collignon, L Pioli, D Trippanera, A Carrier, M Lupi
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 128 (11), e2022JB026140, 2023
Fluid flow modeling at the Lusi mud eruption, East java, Indonesia.
M Collignon, D Schmid, A Mazzini
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EPSC2016-7149, 2016
Interactions between surface processes and fold growth in fold-and-thrust belts: application to the Zagros Fold Belt
M Collignon
PhD Thesis, ETH Zürich, Nr. 22505, 2015
Basin-Scale Modeling of the Baia Mare geothermal and Ore-Forming System
A Minakov, Ø Klemetsdal, M Collignon, C Gaina, I Panea, M Neukirch
85th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition (including the Workshop Programme …, 2024
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