Athina Anastasaki
Athina Anastasaki
Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich
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Cu (0)-mediated living radical polymerization: a versatile tool for materials synthesis
A Anastasaki, V Nikolaou, G Nurumbetov, P Wilson, K Kempe, JF Quinn, ...
Chemical reviews 116 (3), 835-877, 2016
Copper (II)/tertiary amine synergy in photoinduced living radical polymerization: Accelerated synthesis of ω-functional and α, ω-heterofunctional poly (acrylates)
A Anastasaki, V Nikolaou, Q Zhang, J Burns, SR Samanta, C Waldron, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (3), 1141-1149, 2014
Recent developments and future challenges in controlled radical polymerization: a 2020 update
K Parkatzidis, HS Wang, NP Truong, A Anastasaki
Chem 6 (7), 1575-1588, 2020
Aqueous Copper-Mediated Living Polymerization: Exploiting Rapid Disproportionation of CuBr with Me6TREN
Q Zhang, P Wilson, Z Li, R McHale, J Godfrey, A Anastasaki, C Waldron, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (19), 7355-7363, 2013
Sequence-controlled methacrylic multiblock copolymers via sulfur-free RAFT emulsion polymerization
NG Engelis, A Anastasaki, G Nurumbetov, NP Truong, V Nikolaou, ...
Nature chemistry 9 (2), 171-178, 2017
Sequence-controlled multi-block glycopolymers to inhibit DC-SIGN-gp120 binding
Q Zhang, J Collins, A Anastasaki, R Wallis, DA Mitchell, CR Becer, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (16), 4435-4439, 2013
A comparison of RAFT and ATRP methods for controlled radical polymerization
NP Truong, GR Jones, KGE Bradford, D Konkolewicz, A Anastasaki
Nature Reviews Chemistry 5 (12), 859-869, 2021
Evolution and future directions of metal-free atom transfer radical polymerization
EH Discekici, A Anastasaki, J Read de Alaniz, CJ Hawker
Macromolecules 51 (19), 7421-7434, 2018
Photoinduced sequence-control via one pot living radical polymerization of acrylates
A Anastasaki, V Nikolaou, GS Pappas, Q Zhang, C Wan, P Wilson, ...
Chemical Science 5 (9), 3536-3542, 2014
Tailoring polymer dispersity and shape of molecular weight distributions: methods and applications
R Whitfield, NP Truong, D Messmer, K Parkatzidis, M Rolland, ...
Chemical Science 10 (38), 8724-8734, 2019
Sequence-controlled multi-block copolymerization of acrylamides via aqueous SET-LRP at 0 C
F Alsubaie, A Anastasaki, P Wilson, DM Haddleton
Polymer Chemistry 6 (3), 406-417, 2015
Stability of the A15 phase in diblock copolymer melts
MW Bates, J Lequieu, SM Barbon, RM Lewis III, KT Delaney, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (27), 13194-13199, 2019
Tuning dispersity by photoinduced atom transfer radical polymerisation: monomodal distributions with ppm copper concentration
R Whitfield, K Parkatzidis, M Rolland, NP Truong, A Anastasaki
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (38), 13323-13328, 2019
Tailoring polymer dispersity by RAFT polymerization: a versatile approach
R Whitfield, K Parkatzidis, NP Truong, T Junkers, A Anastasaki
Chem 6 (6), 1340-1352, 2020
Cu (0)-mediated living radical polymerization: recent highlights and applications; a perspective
A Anastasaki, V Nikolaou, DM Haddleton
Polymer Chemistry 7 (5), 1002-1026, 2016
High molecular weight block copolymers by sequential monomer addition via Cu (0)-mediated living radical polymerization (SET-LRP): an optimized approach
A Anastasaki, C Waldron, P Wilson, C Boyer, PB Zetterlund, MR Whittaker, ...
ACS Macro Letters 2 (10), 896-900, 2013
Light-mediated atom transfer radical polymerization of semi-fluorinated (meth) acrylates: facile access to functional materials
EH Discekici, A Anastasaki, R Kaminker, J Willenbacher, NP Truong, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (16), 5939-5945, 2017
Enlightening the mechanism of copper mediated photoRDRP via high-resolution mass spectrometry
E Frick, A Anastasaki, DM Haddleton, C Barner-Kowollik
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (21), 6889-6896, 2015
Photoinduced synthesis of α, ω-telechelic sequence-controlled multiblock copolymers
A Anastasaki, V Nikolaou, NW McCaul, A Simula, J Godfrey, C Waldron, ...
Macromolecules 48 (5), 1404-1411, 2015
Multiblock sequence-controlled glycopolymers via Cu (0)-LRP following efficient thiol–halogen, thiol–epoxy and CuAAC reactions
Q Zhang, A Anastasaki, GZ Li, AJ Haddleton, P Wilson, DM Haddleton
Polymer Chemistry 5 (12), 3876-3883, 2014
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