Jorge S. Gutiérrez
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When S iberia came to the N etherlands: the response of continental black‐tailed godwits to a rare spring weather event
NR Senner, MA Verhoeven, JM Abad‐Gómez, JS Gutiérrez, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 84 (5), 1164-1176, 2015
Understanding the energetic costs of living in saline environments: effects of salinity on basal metabolic rate, body mass and daily energy consumption of a long-distance …
JS Gutiérrez, JA Masero, JM Abad-Gómez, A Villegas, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 214 (5), 829-835, 2011
Unravelling trophic subsidies of agroecosystems for biodiversity conservation: Food consumption and nutrient recycling by waterbirds in Mediterranean rice fields
JG Navedo, S Hahn, M Parejo, JM Abad-Gómez, JS Gutiérrez, A Villegas, ...
Science of the Total Environment 511, 288-297, 2015
Functional ecology of saltglands in shorebirds: flexible responses to variable environmental conditions
JS Gutiérrez, MW Dietz, JA Masero, RE Gill Jr, A Dekinga, PF Battley, ...
Functional Ecology 26 (1), 236-244, 2012
Living in environments with contrasting salinities: a review of physiological and behavioural responses in waterbirds
JS Gutiérrez
Ardeola 61 (2), 233-256, 2014
Migration and parasitism: habitat use, not migration distance, influences helminth species richness in Charadriiform birds
JS Gutiérrez, E Rakhimberdiev, T Piersma, DW Thieltges
Journal of Biogeography 44 (5), 1137-1147, 2017
Metabolic consequences of overlapping food restriction and cell‐mediated immune response in a long‐distance migratory shorebird, the little ringed plover Charadrius dubius
JS Gutiérrez, JA Masero, JM Abad‐Gómez, A Villegas, ...
Journal of Avian Biology 42 (3), 259-265, 2011
Effects of salinity on the immune response of an ‘osmotic generalist’bird
JS Gutiérrez, JM Abad-Gómez, A Villegas, JM Sánchez-Guzmán, ...
Oecologia 171 (1), 61-69, 2013
International importance of Extremadura, Spain, for overwintering migratory dabbling ducks: a role for reservoirs
JG Navedo, JA Masero, JM Sanchez-Guzman, JM Abad-Gomez, ...
Bird Conservation International 22 (3), 316-327, 2012
Micro‐ and macroparasite species richness in birds: the role of host life history and ecology
JS Gutiérrez, T Piersma, DW Thieltges
Journal of Animal Ecology, 2019
Avian BMR in marine and non-marine habitats: a test using shorebirds
JS Gutierrez, JM Abad-Gomez, JM Sánchez-Guzmán, JG Navedo, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (7), e42206, 2012
How salinity and temperature combine to affect physiological state and performance in red knots with contrasting non-breeding environments
JS Gutiérrez, A Soriano-Redondo, A Dekinga, A Villegas, JA Masero, ...
Oecologia 178 (4), 1077-1091, 2015
Wetland salinity induces sex-dependent carry-over effects on the individual performance of a long-distance migrant
JA Masero, JM Abad-Gómez, JS Gutiérrez, F Santiago-Quesada, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
Body mass and latitude both correlate with primary moult duration in shorebirds
MW Dietz, KG Rogers, JS Gutiérrez, T Piersma
Ibis 157 (1), 147-153, 2015
Assessing the effects of human activities on the foraging opportunities of migratory shorebirds in Austral high-latitude bays
JG Navedo, C Verdugo, IA Rodríguez-Jorquera, JM Abad-Gómez, ...
Plos One 14 (3), e0212441, 2019
Oxidative status and metabolic profile in a long-lived bird preparing for extreme endurance migration
JS Gutiérrez, P Sabat, LE Castañeda, C Contreras, L Navarrete, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-11, 2019
Time Course and Metabolic Costs of a Humoral Immune Response in the Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius
JM Abad-Gómez, JS Gutiérrez, A Villegas, JM Sánchez-Guzmán, ...
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 86 (3), 354-360, 2013
Sex-specific vulnerability to breeding conditions in chicks of the sexually monomorphic Gull-billed Tern
A Villegas, JA Masero, C Corbacho, JS Gutiérrez, N Albano, ...
Journal of Ornithology 154 (2), 431-439, 2013
Sex‐specific deposition and survival effects of maternal antibodies: a case study with the gull‐billed tern Gelochelidon nilotica
JM Abad‐Gómez, JA Masero, A Villegas, N Albano, JS Gutiérrez, ...
Journal of avian biology 43 (6), 491-495, 2012
Wilson's Phalaropes can double their feeding rate by associating with Chilean Flamingos
JS Gutiérrez, A Soriano-Redondo
Ardea 106 (2), 131-138, 2018
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