Hannah O'Regan
Hannah O'Regan
Associate Prof. in Archaeology
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The effects of captivity on the morphology of captive, domesticated and feral mammals
HJ O'REGAN, AC Kitchener
Mammal Review 35 (3‐4), 215-230, 2005
Hominins without fellow travellers? First appearances and inferred dispersals of Afro-Eurasian large-mammals in the Plio-Pleistocene
HJ O'Regan, A Turner, LC Bishop, S Elton, AL Lamb
Quaternary Science Reviews 30 (11), 1343-1352, 2011
The origins and persistence of Homo floresiensis on Flores: Biogeographical and ecological perspectives
RW Dennell, J Louys, HJ O'Regan, DM Wilkinson
Quaternary Science Reviews 96, 98-107, 2014
European Quaternary refugia: a factor in large carnivore extinction?
HJ O'Regan, A Turner, DM Wilkinson
Journal of Quaternary Science: Published for the Quaternary Research …, 2002
The Iberian Peninsula–corridor or cul-de-sac? Mammalian faunal change and possible routes of dispersal in the last 2 million years
HJ O'Regan
Quaternary Science Reviews 27 (23), 2136-2144, 2008
Modern macaque dietary heterogeneity assessed using stable isotope analysis of hair and bone
HJ O'Regan, C Chenery, AL Lamb, RE Stevens, L Rook, S Elton
Journal of human evolution 55 (4), 617-626, 2008
Theropithecus and ‘Out of Africa’dispersal in the Plio-Pleistocene
JK Hughes, S Elton, HJ O'Regan
Journal of human evolution 54 (1), 43-77, 2008
Large mammal turnover in Africa and the Levant between 1.0 and 0.5 Ma
HJ O’Regan, LC Bishop, A Lamb, S Elton, A Turner
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 247 (1), 231-249, 2005
Afro-Eurasian mammalian fauna and early hominin dispersals
A Turner, HJ O’regan
The evolution and history of human populations in South Asia, 23-39, 2007
An ecological reassessment of the southern African carnivore guild: a case study from Member 4, Sterkfontein, South Africa
HJ O'Regan, SC Reynolds
Journal of human evolution 57 (3), 212-222, 2009
Carnivora from the Plio-Pleistocene hominin site of Drimolen, Gauteng, South Africa
HJ O’Regan, CG Menter
Geobios 42 (3), 329-350, 2009
Afro-Eurasian mammalian dispersal routes of the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene, and their bearing on earliest hominin movements
H O'Regan, L Bishop, S Elton, A Lamb, A Turner
Biostratigraphic and palaeoecological implications of new fossil felid material from the Plio‐Pleistocene site of Tegelen, the Netherlands
HJ O'Regan, A Turner
Palaeontology 47 (5), 1181-1193, 2004
The missing mushrooms: searching for fungi in ancient human dietary analysis
HJ O'Regan, AL Lamb, DM Wilkinson
Journal of Archaeological Science 75, 139-143, 2016
The ‘mosaic habitat’concept in human evolution: past and present
SC Reynolds, DM Wilkinson, CG Marston, HJ O'Regan
Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 70 (1), 57-69, 2015
Medieval big cat remains from the Royal Menagerie at the Tower of London
H O'Regan, A Turner, R Sabin
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 16 (5), 385-394, 2006
Defining cheetahs, a multivariate analysis of skull shape in big cats
HJ O'Regan
Mammal Review 32 (1), 58-62, 2002
Scrubbing Up: Multi-Scale Investigation of Woody Encroachment in a Southern African Savannah
CG Marston, P Aplin, DM Wilkinson, R Field, HJ O’Regan
Remote Sensing 9 (5), 419, 2017
Zoogeography: Primate and Early Hominin Distribution and Migration Patterns
A Turner, H O’Regan
Handbook of Paleoanthropology, 623-642, 2015
Macaques at the margins: the biogeography and extinction of< i> Macaca sylvanus</i> in Europe
S Elton, HJ O'Regan
Quaternary Science Reviews 96, 117-130, 2014
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