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John Tuthill
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JC Tuthill, E Azim
Current Biology 28 (5), R194-R203, 2018
Mechanosensation and adaptive motor control in insects
JC Tuthill, RI Wilson
Current Biology 26 (20), R1022-R1038, 2016
Contributions of the 12 neuron classes in the fly lamina to motion vision
JC Tuthill, A Nern, SL Holtz, GM Rubin, MB Reiser
Neuron 79 (1), 128-140, 2013
Anipose: A toolkit for robust markerless 3D pose estimation
P Karashchuk, KL Rupp, ES Dickinson, S Walling-Bell, E Sanders, E Azim, ...
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Reconstruction of motor control circuits in adult Drosophila using automated transmission electron microscopy
JS Phelps, DGC Hildebrand, BJ Graham, AT Kuan, LA Thomas, ...
Cell 184 (3), 759-774. e18, 2021
Dense neuronal reconstruction through X-ray holographic nano-tomography
AT Kuan
Biophysical Journal 118 (3), 290a, 2020
Neural coding of leg proprioception in Drosophila
A Mamiya, P Gurung, JC Tuthill
Neuron 100 (3), 636-650. e6, 2018
Toward the evolutionary genomics of gametophytic divergence: patterns of transmission ratio distortion in monkeyflower (Mimulus) hybrids reveal a complex genetic basis for …
L Fishman, J Aagaard, JC Tuthill
Evolution 62 (12), 2958-2970, 2008
Parallel transformation of tactile signals in central circuits of Drosophila
JC Tuthill, RI Wilson
Cell 164 (5), 1046-1059, 2016
Neural correlates of illusory motion perception in Drosophila
JC Tuthill, ME Chiappe, MB Reiser
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (23), 9685-9690, 2011
Wide-field feedback neurons dynamically tune early visual processing
JC Tuthill, A Nern, GM Rubin, MB Reiser
Neuron 82 (4), 887-895, 2014
Microtubule acetylation is required for mechanosensation in Drosophila
C Yan, F Wang, Y Peng, CR Williams, B Jenkins, J Wildonger, HJ Kim, ...
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A size principle for recruitment of Drosophila leg motor neurons
AW Azevedo, ES Dickinson, P Gurung, L Venkatasubramanian, RS Mann, ...
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S Agrawal, ES Dickinson, A Sustar, P Gurung, D Shepherd, JW Truman, ...
Elife 9, e60299, 2020
A systematic nomenclature for the Drosophila ventral nerve cord
S Namiki, JD Armstrong, J Börner, G Card, M Costa, M Dickinson, C Duch, ...
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Polarization sensitivity in the red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii enhances the detection of moving transparent objects
JC Tuthill, S Johnsen
Journal of experimental biology 209 (9), 1612-1616, 2006
Reconstruction of motor control circuits in adult Drosophila using automated transmission electron microscopy
JT Maniates-Selvin, DGC Hildebrand, BJ Graham, AT Kuan, LA Thomas, ...
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A Azevedo, E Lesser, JS Phelps, B Mark, L Elabbady, S Kuroda, A Sustar, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.12. 15.520299, 2022
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C Chen, S Agrawal, B Mark, A Mamiya, A Sustar, JS Phelps, WCA Lee, ...
Current Biology 31 (23), 5163-5175. e7, 2021
A leg to stand on: computational models of proprioception
CJ Dallmann, P Karashchuk, BW Brunton, JC Tuthill
Current opinion in physiology 22, 100426, 2021
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