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Gro Bjerga
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Determinants and prediction of esterase substrate promiscuity patterns
M Martínez-Martínez, C Coscolín, G Santiago, J Chow, PJ Stogios, ...
ACS chemical biology 13 (1), 225-234, 2017
The PHD finger of p300 influences its ability to acetylate histone and non-histone targets
JGM Rack, T Lutter, GEK Bjerga, C Guder, C Ehrhardt, S Värv, M Ziegler, ...
Journal of molecular biology 426 (24), 3960-3972, 2014
A high-throughput, restriction-free cloning and screening strategy based on ccd B-gene replacement
BA Lund, HKS Leiros, GEK Bjerga
Microbial cell factories 13 (1), 38, 2014
Structural and biochemical characterization of VIM‐26 shows that Leu224 has implications for the substrate specificity of VIM metallo‐β‐lactamases
HKS Leiros, KSW Edvardsen, GEK Bjerga, Ø Samuelsen
The FEBS journal 282 (6), 1031-1042, 2015
His224 alters the R2 drug binding site and Phe218 influences the catalytic efficiency of the metallo-β-lactamase VIM-7
HKS Leiros, S Skagseth, KSW Edvardsen, MS Lorentzen, GEK Bjerga, ...
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 58 (8), 4826-4836, 2014
A rapid solubility-optimized screening procedure for recombinant subtilisins in E. coli
GEK Bjerga, H Arsın, Ø Larsen, P Puntervoll, HT Kleivdal
Journal of biotechnology 222, 38-46, 2016
Role of residues W228 and Y233 in the structure and activity of metallo-β-lactamase GIM-1
S Skagseth, TJ Carlsen, GEK Bjerga, J Spencer, Ø Samuelsen, ...
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 60 (2), 990-1002, 2016
Engineering low-temperature expression systems for heterologous production of cold-adapted enzymes
GEK Bjerga, R Lale, AK Williamson
Bioengineered 7 (1), 33-38, 2016
Cold shock induction of recombinant Arctic environmental genes
GEK Bjerga, AK Williamson
BMC biotechnology 15 (1), 78, 2015
Draft genome sequence of the Actinomycete Rhodococcus sp. strain AW25M09, isolated from the Hadsel Fjord, Northern Norway
E Hjerde, MM Pierechod, AK Williamson, GEK Bjerga, NP Willassen, ...
Genome Announc. 1 (2), e00055-13, 2013
Relationships between substrate promiscuity and chiral selectivity of esterases from phylogenetically and environmentally diverse microorganisms
C Coscolín, M Martínez-Martínez, J Chow, R Bargiela, A García-Moyano, ...
Catalysts 8 (1), 10, 2018
High quality draft genome sequence of Streptomyces sp. strain AW19M42 isolated from a sea squirt in Northern Norway
GEK Bjerga, E Hjerde, C De Santi, AK Williamson, AO Smalås, ...
Standards in genomic sciences 9 (3), 676, 2014
Decoding the ocean's microbiological secrets for marine enzyme biodiscovery
M Ferrer, C Méndez-García, R Bargiela, J Chow, S Alonso, ...
FEMS microbiology letters 366 (1), fny285, 2019
Bioprospecting reveals class III ω-transaminases converting bulky ketones and environmentally relevant polyamines
C Coscolín, N Katzke, A García-Moyano, J Navarro-Fernández, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 85 (2), e02404-18, 2019
Development of Versatile Vectors for Heterologous Expression in Bacillus
Ø Larsen, GEK Bjerga
Microorganisms 6 (2), 51, 2018
Biochemical characterization of ParI, an orphan C5-DNA methyltransferase from Psychrobacter arcticus 273-4
M Grgic, A Williamson, GEK Bjerga, B Altermark, I Leiros
Protein expression and purification 150, 100-108, 2018
Mutational analysis of the pro‐peptide of a marine intracellular subtilisin protease supports its role in inhibition
GEK Bjerga, Ø Larsen, H Arsın, A Williamson, A García‐Moyano, I Leiros, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 86 (9), 965-977, 2018
987 Analysis of insulin receptor substrate signaling dynamics on microstructured surfaces P. Lanzerstorfer, Y. Yoneyama, F. Hakuno, U. Müller
O Höglinger, SI Takahashi, J Weghuber, M Doerflinger, JA Glab, ...
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