Velimir R. Radmilović
Velimir R. Radmilović
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, University of Belgrade
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Sitert av
Shaping binary metal nanocrystals through epitaxial seeded growth
SE Habas, H Lee, V Radmilovic, GA Somorjai, P Yang
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UA Paulus, A Wokaun, GG Scherer, TJ Schmidt, V Stamenkovic, ...
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JP Alper, MS Kim, M Vincent, B Hsia, V Radmilovic, C Carraro, ...
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Structure and morphology of S-phase precipitates in aluminum
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Synthesis and characterization of monetite and hydroxyapatite whiskers obtained by a hydrothermal method
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Synthesis and stability of a nanoparticle-infiltrated solid oxide fuel cell electrode
TZ Sholklapper, V Radmilovic, CP Jacobson, SJ Visco, LC De Jonghe
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Bimodal microstructure and deformation of cryomilled bulk nanocrystalline Al–7.5 Mg alloy
Z Lee, DB Witkin, V Radmilovic, EJ Lavernia, SR Nutt
Materials Science and Engineering: A 410, 462-467, 2005
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