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Ludger Paul Stubbs
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Magnetic nanocomposites: a new perspective in catalysis
Y Zhu, LP Stubbs, F Ho, R Liu, CP Ship, JA Maguire, NS Hosmane
ChemCatChem 2 (4), 365-374, 2010
Lignin-derived fused electrospun carbon fibrous mats as high performance anode materials for lithium ion batteries
SX Wang, L Yang, LP Stubbs, X Li, C He
ACS applied materials & interfaces 5 (23), 12275-12282, 2013
Designed Functional Systems from Peapod-like Co@Carbon to Co3O4@Carbon Nanocomposites
Y Wang, HJ Zhang, L Lu, LP Stubbs, CC Wong, J Lin
Acs Nano 4 (8), 4753-4761, 2010
Living ROMP of exo-norbornene esters possessing PdII SCS pincer complexes or diaminopyridines
JM Pollino, LP Stubbs, M Weck
Macromolecules 36 (7), 2230-2234, 2003
One-step multifunctionalization of random copolymers via self-assembly
JM Pollino, LP Stubbs, M Weck
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (2), 563-567, 2004
Towards a Universal Polymer Backbone: Design and Synthesis of Polymeric Scaffolds Containing Terminal Hydrogen‐Bonding Recognition Motifs at Each Repeating Unit
LP Stubbs, M Weck
Chemistry–A European Journal 9 (4), 992-999, 2003
Cross-linked and functionalized ‘universal polymer backbones’ via simple, rapid, and orthogonal multi-site self-assembly
JM Pollino, KP Nair, LP Stubbs, J Adams, M Weck
Tetrahedron 60 (34), 7205-7215, 2004
Conversion of Cellulose to Hexitols Catalyzed by Ionic Liquid‐Stabilized Ruthenium Nanoparticles and a Reversible Binding Agent
Y Zhu, ZN Kong, LP Stubbs, H Lin, S Shen, EV Anslyn, JA Maguire
ChemSusChem: Chemistry & Sustainability Energy & Materials 3 (1), 67-70, 2010
High modulus, strength, and toughness polyurethane elastomer based on unmodified lignin
H Li, JT Sun, C Wang, S Liu, D Yuan, X Zhou, J Tan, L Stubbs, C He
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (9), 7942-7949, 2017
One-pot synthesis of Fe (III)–polydopamine complex nanospheres: morphological evolution, mechanism, and application of the carbonized hybrid nanospheres in catalysis and Zn–air …
JM Ang, Y Du, BY Tay, C Zhao, J Kong, LP Stubbs, X Lu
Langmuir 32 (36), 9265-9275, 2016
Magnetic Nanoparticle Supported Second Generation Hoveyda–Grubbs Catalyst for Metathesis of Unsaturated Fatty Acid Esters
Z Yinghuai, L Kuijin, N Huimin, L Chuanzhao, LP Stubbs, CF Siong, ...
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 351 (16), 2650-2656, 2009
Zwitterionic ring opening polymerization of lactide by metal free catalysts: Production of cyclic polymers
AV Prasad, LP Stubbs, Z Ma, Z Yinghuai
Journal of applied polymer science 123 (3), 1568-1575, 2012
Lignin epoxy composites: preparation, morphology, and mechanical properties
J Sun, C Wang, JCC Yeo, D Yuan, H Li, LP Stubbs, C He
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 301 (3), 328-336, 2016
Isomerizing methoxycarbonylation of alkenes to esters using a bis (phosphorinone) xylene palladium catalyst
JD Nobbs, CH Low, LP Stubbs, C Wang, E Drent, M van Meurs
Organometallics 36 (2), 391-398, 2017
The impact of nanoparticle adsorption on transport and wettability alteration in water-wet berea sandstone: An experimental study
S Li, O Torsæter, HC Lau, NJ Hadia, LP Stubbs
Frontiers in Physics 7, 74, 2019
Selective hydrogenation of levulinic acid to γ-valerolactone using in situ generated ruthenium nanoparticles derived from Ru–NHC complexes
BY Tay, C Wang, PH Phua, LP Stubbs, HV Huynh
Dalton Transactions 45 (8), 3558-3563, 2016
Palladium Complexes with Bulky Diphosphine Ligands as Highly Selective Catalysts for the Synthesis of (Bio-) Adipic Acid from Pentenoic Acid Mixtures.
CH Low, JD Nobbs, M van Meurs, LP Stubbs, E Drent, S Aitipamula, ...
Organometallics 34 (17), 4281-4292, 2015
Carboxylated lignin as an effective cohardener for enhancing strength and toughness of epoxy
J Sun, C Wang, LP Stubbs, C He
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 302 (12), 1700341, 2017
Palladium-catalyzed hydroxycarbonylation of pentenoic acids. Computational and experimental studies on the catalytic selectivity
L Zhao, B Pudasaini, A Genest, JD Nobbs, CH Low, LP Stubbs, ...
ACS Catalysis 7 (10), 7070-7080, 2017
The Effect of Residual Solvent N,N′‐Dimethylformamide on the Curing Reaction and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy and Lignin Epoxy Composites
J Sun, H Li, C Wang, D Yuan, LP Stubbs, C He
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 217 (9), 1065-1073, 2016
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