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Jarad Mellard
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The vertical distribution of phytoplankton in stratified water columns
JP Mellard, K Yoshiyama, E Litchman, CA Klausmeier
Journal of theoretical biology 269 (1), 16-30, 2011
Phytoplankton competition for nutrients and light in a stratified water column
K Yoshiyama, JP Mellard, E Litchman, CA Klausmeier
The American Naturalist 174 (2), 190-203, 2009
Multiple metrics of diversity have different effects on temperate forest functioning over succession
Z Yuan, S Wang, A Gazol, J Mellard, F Lin, J Ye, Z Hao, X Wang, ...
Oecologia 182 (4), 1175-1185, 2016
Seasonal patterns in species diversity across biomes
JP Mellard, P Audoye, M Loreau
Ecology 100 (4), e02627, 2019
Experimental test of phytoplankton competition for nutrients and light in poorly mixed water columns
JP Mellard, K Yoshiyama, CA Klausmeier, E Litchman
Ecological Monographs 82 (2), 239-256, 2012
Assessing the effect of predator control on an endangered goose population subjected to predator‐mediated food web dynamics
F Marolla, T Aarvak, IJ Øien, JP Mellard, JA Henden, S Hamel, A Stien, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 56 (5), 1245-1255, 2019
Evolutionary responses to environmental change: trophic interactions affect adaptation and persistence
JP Mellard, C de Mazancourt, M Loreau
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1805), 20141351, 2015
End‐user involvement to improve predictions and management of populations with complex dynamics and multiple drivers
JA Henden, RA Ims, NG Yoccoz, EJ Asbjørnsen, A Stien, JP Mellard, ...
Ecological Applications 30 (6), e02120, 2020
Scale-dependent effect of biotic interactions and environmental conditions in community assembly: insight from a large temperate forest plot
Z Yuan, A Gazol, F Lin, X Wang, J Ye, Y Suo, S Fang, J Mellard, Z Hao
Plant Ecology 217 (8), 1003-1014, 2016
Food web approach for managing Arctic wildlife populations in an era of rapid environmental change
JP Mellard, JA Henden, ÅØ Pedersen, F Marolla, S Hamel, NG Yoccoz, ...
Climate Research 86, 163-178, 2022
Direct and indirect effects of environmental drivers on reindeer reproduction
JA Henden, T Tveraa, A Stien, JP Mellard, F Marolla, RA Ims, NG Yoccoz
Climate Research 86, 179-190, 2022
Conflict between dynamical and evolutionary stability in simple ecosystems
JP Mellard, F Ballantyne
Theoretical ecology 7 (3), 273-288, 2014
Effect of scavenging on predation in a food web
JP Mellard, S Hamel, JA Henden, RA Ims, A Stien, N Yoccoz
Ecology and Evolution 11 (11), 6742-6765, 2021
The vertical distribution of phytoplankton: Observations, theory, experiments
JP Mellard
Michigan State University, 2010
The need of evidence-based management: the case of the of the Lesser White-Fronted Goose in Northern Norway
F Marolla, T Aarvak, JA Henden, S Hamel, RA Ims, JP Mellard, IJ Øien, ...
ECCB2018: 5th European Congress of Conservation Biology. 12th-15th of June …, 2018
How the Impacts of N Loading on Resource Limitation, Functional Composition of Plankton, and Net Primary Production Influence Nitrate Uptake and Trophic Transfer in Lake Ecosystems
F Ballantyne, J Mellard
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2015, B13G-0715, 2015
Data from: Experimental test of phytoplankton competition for nutrients and light in poorly mixed water columns
JP Mellard, K Yoshiyama, CA Klausmeier, E Litchman
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