Dag Kristian Dysthe
Dag Kristian Dysthe
Professor of condensed matter physics, University of Oslo
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Sitert av
The role of pressure solution creep in the ductility of the Earth’s upper crust
JP Gratier, DK Dysthe, F Renard
Advances in geophysics 54, 47-179, 2013
Enhanced pressure solution creep rates induced by clay particles: Experimental evidence in salt aggregates
F Renard, D Dysthe, J Feder, K Bjørlykke, B Jamtveit
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Experimental investigation of surface energy and subcritical crack growth in calcite
A Røyne, J Bisschop, DK Dysthe
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4D imaging of fracturing in organic‐rich shales during heating
M Kobchenko, H Panahi, F Renard, DK Dysthe, A Malthe‐Sørenssen, ...
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M Helbaek, B Hafskjold, DK Dysthe, GH Sørland
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Fluid transport properties by equilibrium molecular dynamics. III. Evaluation of united atom interaction potential models for pure alkanes
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JP Gratier, E Frery, P Deschamps, A Røyne, F Renard, D Dysthe, ...
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Universal scaling in transient creep
DK Dysthe, Y Podladchikov, F Renard, J Feder, B Jamtveit
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A deformation rig for synchrotron microtomography studies of geomaterials under conditions down to 10 km depth in the Earth
F Renard, B Cordonnier, DK Dysthe, E Boller, P Tafforeau, A Rack
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A 4D synchrotron X-ray-tomography study of the formation of hydrocarbon-migration pathways in heated organic-rich shale
H Panahi, M Kobchenko, F Renard, A Mazzini, J Scheibert, D Dysthe, ...
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Role of friction-induced torque in stick-slip motion
J Scheibert, DK Dysthe
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DK Dysthe, AH Fuchs, B Rousseau
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Dynamic in situ three-dimensional imaging and digital volume correlation analysis to quantify strain localization and fracture coalescence in sandstone
F Renard, J McBeck, B Cordonnier, X Zheng, N Kandula, JR Sanchez, ...
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Earth and Planetary Science Letters 341, 20-34, 2012
In situ AFM study of the dissolution and recrystallization behaviour of polished and stressed calcite surfaces
J Bisschop, DK Dysthe, CV Putnis, B Jamtveit
Geochimica et cosmochimica acta 70 (7), 1728-1738, 2006
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