Ian Seim
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Mucus accumulation in the lungs precedes structural changes and infection in children with cystic fibrosis
CR Esther Jr, MS Muhlebach, C Ehre, DB Hill, MC Wolfgang, M Kesimer, ...
Science translational medicine 11 (486), eaav3488, 2019
Membrane surfaces regulate assembly of ribonucleoprotein condensates
WT Snead, AP Jalihal, TM Gerbich, I Seim, Z Hu, AS Gladfelter
Nature Cell Biology 24 (4), 461-470, 2022
Dilute phase oligomerization can oppose phase separation and modulate material properties of a ribonucleoprotein condensate
I Seim, AE Posey, WT Snead, BM Stormo, D Klotsa, RV Pappu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (13), e2120799119, 2022
Double-stranded RNA drives SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein to undergo phase separation at specific temperatures
CA Roden, Y Dai, CA Giannetti, I Seim, M Lee, R Sealfon, GA McLaughlin, ...
Nucleic acids research 50 (14), 8168-8192, 2022
Technological strategies to estimate and control diffusive passage times through the mucus barrier in mucosal drug delivery
JM Newby, I Seim, M Lysy, Y Ling, J Huckaby, SK Lai, MG Forest
Advanced drug delivery reviews 124, 64-81, 2018
Designed, highly expressing, thermostable dengue virus 2 envelope protein dimers elicit quaternary epitope antibodies
ST Kudlacek, S Metz, D Thiono, AM Payne, TTN Phan, S Tian, ...
Science advances 7 (42), eabg4084, 2021
Role of spatial patterning of N-protein interactions in SARS-CoV-2 genome packaging
I Seim, CA Roden, AS Gladfelter
Biophysical journal 120 (14), 2771-2784, 2021
Dynamical control enables the formation of demixed biomolecular condensates
AZ Lin, KM Ruff, F Dar, A Jalihal, MR King, JM Lalmansingh, AE Posey, ...
Nature communications 14 (1), 7678, 2023
Mucus and mucus flake composition and abundance reflect inflammatory and infection status in cystic fibrosis
MR Markovetz, IC Garbarine, CB Morrison, WJ Kissner, I Seim, MG Forest, ...
Journal of Cystic Fibrosis 21 (6), 959-966, 2022
Biophysical properties governing septin assembly
BL Woods, I Seim, J Liu, G McLaughlin, KS Cannon, AS Gladfelter
bioRxiv, 2021.03. 22.436414, 2021
Mucus accumulation in the lungs precedes structural changes and infection in children with cystic fibrosis. Sci Transl Med 11: eaav3488
CR Esther, MS Muhlebach, C Ehre, DB Hill, MC Wolfgang, M Kesimer, ...
A gene duplication of a septin reveals a developmentally regulated filament length control mechanism
KS Cannon, JM Vargas-Muniz, N Billington, I Seim, J Ekena, JR Sellers, ...
Journal of Cell Biology 222 (3), e202204063, 2023
Measurement error correction in particle tracking microrheology
Y Ling, M Lysy, I Seim, J Newby, DB Hill, J Cribb, MG Forest
The Annals of Applied Statistics 16 (3), 1747-1773, 2022
Biomolecular condensates in fungi are tuned to function at specific temperatures
BM Stormo, GA McLaughlin, LK Frederick, AP Jalihal, SJ Cole, I Seim, ...
bioRxiv, 2023
Multi-Scale Studies of Molecular Self-Assembly in Biology
I Seim
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2022
Evidence that self-similar microrheology of highly entangled polymeric solutions scales robustly with, and is tunable by, polymer concentration
I Seim, JA Cribb, JM Newby, P Vasquez, M Lysy, MG Forest, DB Hill
arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.06649, 2018
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