Øystein Langangen
Øystein Langangen
Department of Biosciences, University of Oslo
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Sitert av
Individual heterogeneity in life histories and eco‐evolutionary dynamics
Y Vindenes, Ø Langangen
Ecology letters 18 (5), 417-432, 2015
Search for high velocities in the disk counterpart of type II spicules
Ø Langangen, B De Pontieu, M Carlsson, VH Hansteen, G Cauzzi, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 679 (2), L167, 2008
Swaying threads of a solar filament
Y Lin, R Soler, O Engvold, JL Ballester, Ø Langangen, R Oliver, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 704 (1), 870, 2009
Stage‐specific biomass overcompensation by juveniles in response to increased adult mortality in a wild fish population
J Ohlberger, Ø Langangen, E Edeline, D Claessen, IJ Winfield, ...
Ecology 92 (12), 2175-2182, 2011
The effects of oil spills on marine fish: Implications of spatial variation in natural mortality
Ø Langangen, E Olsen, LC Stige, J Ohlberger, NA Yaragina, FB Vikebø, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 119 (1), 102-109, 2017
Effects of climate change on trait-based dynamics of a top predator in freshwater ecosystems
Y Vindenes, E Edeline, J Ohlberger, Ø Langangen, IJ Winfield, ...
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Velocities measured in small-scale solar magnetic elements
Ø Langangen, M Carlsson, LR van der Voort, RF Stein
The Astrophysical Journal 655 (1), 615, 2007
Six decades of pike and perch population dynamics in Windermere
Ø Langangen, E Edeline, J Ohlberger, IJ Winfield, JM Fletcher, JB James, ...
Fisheries Research 109 (1), 131-139, 2011
Spectroscopic measurements of dynamic fibrils in the Ca II λ8662 line
Ø Langangen, M Carlsson, LR van der Voort, V Hansteen, B De Pontieu
The Astrophysical Journal 673 (2), 1194, 2008
Pathogen-induced rapid evolution in a vertebrate life-history trait
J Ohlberger, Ø Langangen, E Edeline, EM Olsen, IJ Winfield, JM Fletcher, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1702), 35-41, 2011
How fast could Usain Bolt have run? A dynamical study
HK Eriksen, JR Kristiansen, Ø Langangen, IK Wehus
American Journal of Physics 77 (3), 224-228, 2009
Egg mortality of northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua) and haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)
Ø Langangen, LC Stige, NA Yaragina, FB Vikebø, B Bogstad, Y Gusdal
ICES Journal of Marine Science 71 (5), 1129-1136, 2014
Effect of a fish stock's demographic structure on offspring survival and sensitivity to climate
LC Stige, NA Yaragina, Ø Langangen, B Bogstad, NC Stenseth, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (6), 1347-1352, 2017
Estimating population size and habitat suitability for mountain nyala in areas with different protection status
A Atickem, LE Loe, Ø Langangen, EK Rueness, A Bekele, NC Stenseth
Animal Conservation 14 (4), 409-418, 2011
Measurements of plasma motions in dynamic fibrils
Ø Langangen, LR van der Voort, Y Lin
The Astrophysical Journal 673 (2), 1201, 2008
Density‐and size‐dependent mortality in fish early life stages
LC Stige, LA Rogers, AB Neuheimer, ME Hunsicker, NA Yaragina, ...
Fish and Fisheries 20 (5), 962-976, 2019
Fitness consequences of early life conditions and maternal size effects in a freshwater top predator
Y Vindenes, Ø Langangen, IJ Winfield, LA Vøllestad
Journal of Animal Ecology 85 (3), 692-704, 2016
Disentangling the mechanisms behind climate effects on zooplankton
KØ Kvile, Ø Langangen, I Prokopchuk, NC Stenseth, LC Stige
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (7), 1841-1846, 2016
Combined statistical and mechanistic modelling suggests food and temperature effects on survival of early life stages of Northeast Arctic cod (Gadus morhua)
LC Stige, Ø Langangen, NA Yaragina, FB Vikebø, B Bogstad, G Ottersen, ...
Progress in Oceanography 134, 138-151, 2015
Community-level consequences of cannibalism
J Ohlberger, Ø Langangen, NC Stenseth, LA Vøllestad
The American Naturalist 180 (6), 791-801, 2012
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