Demián Cazalla
Demián Cazalla
Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University of Utah
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Sitert av
Sitert av
Down-regulation of a host microRNA by a Herpesvirus saimiri noncoding RNA
D Cazalla, T Yario, JA Steitz
Science 328 (5985), 1563-1566, 2010
Coupling of transcription with alternative splicing: RNA pol II promoters modulate SF2/ASF and 9G8 effects on an exonic splicing enhancer
P Cramer, JF Cáceres, D Cazalla, S Kadener, AF Muro, FE Baralle, ...
Molecular cell 4 (2), 251-258, 1999
miR-29 and miR-30 regulate B-Myb expression during cellular senescence
I Martinez, D Cazalla, LL Almstead, JA Steitz, D DiMaio
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (2), 522-527, 2011
Nuclear export and retention signals in the RS domain of SR proteins
D Cazalla, J Zhu, L Manche, E Huber, AR Krainer, JF Cáceres
Molecular and cellular biology 22 (19), 6871-6882, 2002
Antagonistic effects of T-Ag and VP16 reveal a role for RNA pol II elongation on alternative splicing
S Kadener, P Cramer, G Nogués, D Cazalla, M de la Mata, JP Fededa, ...
The EMBO journal 20 (20), 5759-5768, 2001
Reversible phosphorylation differentially affects nuclear and cytoplasmic functions of splicing factor 2/alternative splicing factor
JR Sanford, JD Ellis, D Cazalla, JF Cáceres
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (42), 15042-15047, 2005
A primate herpesvirus uses the integrator complex to generate viral microRNAs
D Cazalla, M Xie, JA Steitz
Molecular cell 43 (6), 982-992, 2011
MicroRNA-9 controls dendritic development by targeting REST
SA Giusti, AM Vogl, MM Brockmann, CA Vercelli, ML Rein, D Trümbach, ...
Elife 3, e02755, 2014
Differential transcriptional profiles identify microglial-and macrophage-specific gene markers expressed during virus-induced neuroinflammation
AB DePaula-Silva, C Gorbea, DJ Doty, JE Libbey, JMS Sanchez, ...
Journal of Neuroinflammation 16, 1-20, 2019
A novel SR-related protein is required for the second step of Pre-mRNA splicing
D Cazalla, K Newton, JF Cáceres
Molecular and cellular biology 25 (8), 2969-2980, 2005
A viral Sm-class RNA base-pairs with mRNAs and recruits microRNAs to inhibit apoptosis
C Gorbea, T Mosbruger, D Cazalla
Nature 550 (7675), 275-279, 2017
RNase III-independent microRNA biogenesis in mammalian cells
T Maurin, D Cazalla, JS Yang, D Bortolamiol-Becet, EC Lai
Rna 18 (12), 2166-2173, 2012
A rapid and efficient protocol to purify biologically active recombinant proteins from mammalian cells
D Cazalla, JR Sanford, JF Cáceres
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Noncoding RNPs of viral origin
J Steitz, S Borah, D Cazalla, V Fok, R Lytle, R Mitton-Fry, K Riley, T Samji
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Down-regulation of a host microRNA by a viral noncoding RNA
D Cazalla, JA Steitz
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 75, 321-324, 2010
The challenge of viral snRNPs
NK Conrad, V Fok, D Cazalla, S Borah, JA Steitz
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 71, 377-384, 2006
Viral miRNA adaptor differentially recruits miRNAs to target mRNAs through alternative base-pairing
C Gorbea, T Mosbruger, DA Nix, D Cazalla
Elife 8, e50530, 2019
Allosteric regulation of noncoding RNA function by microRNAs
C Gorbea, A Elhakiem, D Cazalla
Nucleic Acids Research 50 (11), 6511-6520, 2022
Novel roles for Sm-class RNAs in the regulation of gene expression
D Cazalla
RNA biology 15 (7), 856-862, 2018
Down-regulation of a host microRNA by a Herpesvirus saimiri noncoding RNA (vol 328, pg 1563, 2010)
D Cazalla, JA Steitz
Science 329 (5998), 1467-1467, 2010
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