Stacey Trevathan-Tackett
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Quantifying and modelling the carbon sequestration capacity of seagrass meadows–a critical assessment
PI Macreadie, ME Baird, SM Trevathan-Tackett, AWD Larkum, PJ Ralph
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Early stage litter decomposition across biomes
I Djukic, S Kepfer-Rojas, IK Schmidt, KS Larsen, C Beier, B Berg, ...
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Can we manage coastal ecosystems to sequester more blue carbon?
PI Macreadie, DA Nielsen, JJ Kelleway, TB Atwood, JR Seymour, ...
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Comparison of marine macrophytes for their contributions to blue carbon sequestration
SM Trevathan-Tackett, J Kelleway, PI Macreadie, J Beardall, P Ralph, ...
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Losses and recovery of organic carbon from a seagrass ecosystem following disturbance
PI Macreadie, SM Trevathan-Tackett, CG Skilbeck, J Sanderman, ...
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Australian vegetated coastal ecosystems as global hotspots for climate change mitigation
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PH York, TM Smith, RG Coles, SA McKenna, RM Connolly, AD Irving, ...
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SM Trevathan-Tackett, JR Seymour, DA Nielsen, PI Macreadie, ...
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A global assessment of the chemical recalcitrance of seagrass tissues: implications for long-term carbon sequestration
SM Trevathan-Tackett, PI Macreadie, J Sanderman, J Baldock, JM Howes, ...
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A horizon scan of priorities for coastal marine microbiome research
SM Trevathan-Tackett, CDH Sherman, MJ Huggett, AH Campbell, ...
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Host-pathogen dynamics of seagrass diseases under future global change
BK Sullivan, SM Trevathan-Tackett, S Neuhauser, LL Govers
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Converting beach-cast seagrass wrack into biochar: A climate-friendly solution to a coastal problem
PI Macreadie, SM Trevathan-Tackett, JA Baldock, JJ Kelleway
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Vascular plants are globally significant contributors to marine carbon fluxes and sinks
SM Cragg, DA Friess, LG Gillis, SM Trevathan-Tackett, OM Terrett, ...
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Seagrasses and macroalgae: importance, vulnerability and impacts
PI Macreadie, J Jarvis, SM Trevathan‐Tackett, A Bellgrove
Climate change impacts on fisheries and aquaculture: a global analysis 2 …, 2017
Beach-cast seagrass wrack contributes substantially to global greenhouse gas emissions
S Liu, SM Trevathan-Tackett, CJE Lewis, QR Ollivier, Z Jiang, X Huang, ...
Journal of environmental management 231, 329-335, 2019
Metabolites derived from the tropical seagrass Thalassia testudinum are bioactive against pathogenic Labyrinthula sp
SM Trevathan-Tackett, AL Lane, N Bishop, C Ross
Aquatic botany 122, 1-8, 2015
Fresh carbon inputs to seagrass sediments induce variable microbial priming responses
SM Trevathan-Tackett, ACG Thomson, PJ Ralph, PI Macreadie
Science of the Total Environment 621, 663-669, 2018
Towards evidence-based parameter values and priors for aquatic ecosystem modelling
BJ Robson, GB Arhonditsis, ME Baird, J Brebion, KF Edwards, L Geoffroy, ...
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Effects of short-term hypersalinity exposure on the susceptibility to wasting disease in the subtropical seagrass Thalassia testudinum
C Trevathan, Stacey M., Kahn, Amanda, Ross
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 49 (9), 1051-1058, 2011
Oxygen consumption and sulfate reduction in vegetated coastal habitats: effects of physical disturbance
KE Brodersen, SM Trevathan-Tackett, DA Nielsen, RM Connolly, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 14, 2019
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