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Urs Fischer
PI at the Umea Plant Science Centre
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Local auxin biosynthesis modulates gradient-directed planar polarity in Arabidopsis
Y Ikeda, S Men, U Fischer, AN Stepanova, JM Alonso, K Ljung, M Grebe
Nature cell biology 11 (6), 731-738, 2009
Truffles regulate plant root morphogenesis via the production of auxin and ethylene
R Splivallo, U Fischer, C Göbel, I Feussner, P Karlovsky
Plant physiology 150 (4), 2018-2029, 2009
Arabidopsis WAT1 is a vacuolar auxin transport facilitator required for auxin homoeostasis
P Ranocha, O Dima, R Nagy, J Felten, C Corratgé-Faillie, O Novák, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-9, 2013
Vectorial information for Arabidopsis planar polarity is mediated by combined AUX1, EIN2, and GNOM activity
U Fischer, Y Ikeda, K Ljung, O Serralbo, M Singh, R Heidstra, K Palme, ...
Current Biology 16 (21), 2143-2149, 2006
The heterozygous abp1/ABP1 insertional mutant has defects in functions requiring polar auxin transport and in regulation of early auxin‐regulated genes
Y Effendi, S Rietz, U Fischer, GFE Scherer
The Plant Journal 65 (2), 282-294, 2011
AspWood: high-spatial-resolution transcriptome profiles reveal uncharacterized modularity of wood formation in Populus tremula
D Sundell, NR Street, M Kumar, EJ Mellerowicz, M Kucukoglu, ...
The Plant Cell 29 (7), 1585-1604, 2017
Class I KNOX transcription factors promote differentiation of cambial derivatives into xylem fibers in the Arabidopsis hypocotyl
D Liebsch, W Sunaryo, M Holmlund, M Norberg, J Zhang, HC Hall, ...
Development 141 (22), 4311-4319, 2014
Lipid function in plant cell polarity
U Fischer, S Men, M Grebe
Current opinion in plant biology 7 (6), 670-676, 2004
Auxin gradients across wood–instructive or incidental?
RP Bhalerao, U Fischer
Physiologia plantarum 151 (1), 43-51, 2014
Insight into the early steps of root hair formation revealed by the procuste1 cellulose synthase mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana
SK Singh, U Fischer, M Singh, M Grebe, A Marchant
BMC Plant Biology 8 (1), 1-12, 2008
Conservation of the abscission signaling peptide IDA during Angiosperm evolution: withstanding genome duplications and gain and loss of the receptors HAE/HSL2
IM Stø, RJS Orr, K Fooyontphanich, X Jin, J Knutsen, U Fischer, ...
Frontiers in plant science 6, 931, 2015
Planar polarity of root hair positioning in Arabidopsis
U Fischer, Y Ikeda, M Grebe
Biochemical Society Transactions 35 (1), 149-151, 2007
Environmental and hormonal control of cambial stem cell dynamics
RP Bhalerao, U Fischer
Journal of experimental botany 68 (1), 79-87, 2017
Auxin is a long-range signal that acts independently of ethylene signaling on leaf abscission in Populus
X Jin, J Zimmermann, A Polle, U Fischer
Frontiers in plant science 6, 634, 2015
The dynamics of cambial stem cell activity
U Fischer, M Kucukoglu, Y Helariutta, RP Bhalerao
Annual review of plant biology 70, 293-319, 2019
Populus Responses to Abiotic Stress
U Fischer, A Polle
Genetics and genomics of Populus, 225-246, 2010
The plant hormone auxin directs timing of xylem development by inhibition of secondary cell wall deposition through repression of secondary wall NAC‐domain transcription factors
C Johnsson, X Jin, W Xue, C Dubreuil, L Lezhneva, U Fischer
Physiologia plantarum 165 (4), 673-689, 2019
A local auxin gradient regulates root cap self-renewal and size homeostasis
C Dubreuil, X Jin, A Grönlund, U Fischer
Current Biology 28 (16), 2581-2587. e3, 2018
Precision automation of cell type classification and sub-cellular fluorescence quantification from laser scanning confocal images
HC Hall, A Fakhrzadeh, CL Luengo Hendriks, U Fischer
Frontiers in plant science 7, 119, 2016
Cambial stem cells and their niche
C Johnsson, U Fischer
Plant Science 252, 239-245, 2016
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