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Frances Moore
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Temperature impacts on economic growth warrant stringent mitigation policy
FC Moore, DB Diaz
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Comprehensive evidence implies a higher social cost of CO2
K Rennert, F Errickson, BC Prest, L Rennels, RG Newell, W Pizer, ...
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D Diaz, F Moore
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The fingerprint of climate trends on European crop yields
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The COVID-19 lockdowns: a window into the Earth System
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LL Sloat, SJ Davis, JS Gerber, FC Moore, DK Ray, PC West, ND Mueller
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FC Moore, N Obradovich, F Lehner, P Baylis
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New science of climate change impacts on agriculture implies higher social cost of carbon
FC Moore, U Baldos, T Hertel, D Diaz
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Estimating the economic impacts of climate change using weather observations
CD Kolstad, FC Moore
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2020
Climate and health damages from global concrete production
SA Miller, FC Moore
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Determinants of emissions pathways in the coupled climate–social system
FC Moore, K Lacasse, KJ Mach, YA Shin, LJ Gross, B Beckage
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Climate change and air pollution: exploring the synergies and potential for mitigation in industrializing countries
FC Moore
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FC Moore, ULC Baldos, T Hertel
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Heat stress on agricultural workers exacerbates crop impacts of climate change
CZ De Lima, JR Buzan, FC Moore, ULC Baldos, M Huber, TW Hertel
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Land-use emissions embodied in international trade
C Hong, H Zhao, Y Qin, JA Burney, J Pongratz, K Hartung, Y Liu, ...
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BA Bastien-Olvera, FC Moore
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Eight priorities for calculating the social cost of carbon
G Wagner, D Anthoff, M Cropper, S Dietz, KT Gillingham, B Groom, ...
Nature 590 (7847), 548-550, 2021
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