Rune M Holt
Rune M Holt
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Petroleum related rock mechanics
E Fjar, RM Holt, AM Raaen, R Risnes, P Horsrud
Elsevier, 2008
P‐and S‐wave anisotropy of a synthetic sandstone with controlled crack geometryl1
JS Rathore, E Fjaer, RM Holt, L Renlie
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RM Holt
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RM Holt, E Fjær, JF Stenebråten, OM Nes
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Comparison between controlled laboratory experiments and discrete particle simulations of the mechanical behaviour of rock
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Core quality: quantification of coring-induced rock alteration
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A shaly look at brittleness
RM Holt, E Fjaer, OM Nes, HT Alassi
45th US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, 2011
Interaction between shale and water-based drilling fluids: laboratory exposure tests give new insight into mechanisms and field consequences of KCl contents
P Horsrud, B Bostrom, EF Sonstebo, RM Holt
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Particle scale reservoir mechanics
L Li, RM Holt
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Stresses around boreholes. Borehole failure criteria
E Fjær, RM Holt, P Horsrud, AM Raaen, R Risnes
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Petroleum related rock mechanics
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Developments in, 2008
In-situ stress dependence of wave velocities in reservoir and overburden rocks
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Mud chemistry effects on time-delayed borehole stability problems in shales
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Elastic dispersion derived from a combination of static and dynamic measurements
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Static vs. dynamic behavior of shale
RM Holt, OM Nes, JF Stenebraten, E Fjær
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A new laboratory apparatus for the measurement of seismic dispersion under deviatoric stress conditions
D Szewczyk, A Bauer, RM Holt
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Simulation of flow in sandstone with fluid coupled particle model
L Li, RM Holt
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Leak-off tests for horizontal stress determination?
M Gjønnes, AMGL Cruz, P Horsrud, RM Holt
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 20 (1-2), 63-71, 1998
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