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Farhad Pourpanah
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A review of uncertainty quantification in deep learning: Techniques, applications and challenges
M Abdar, F Pourpanah, S Hussain, D Rezazadegan, L Liu, ...
Information Fusion, 2021
Recent advances in deep learning
X Wang, Y Zhao, F Pourpanah
International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 11, 747-750, 2020
A review of generalized zero-shot learning methods
F Pourpanah, M Abdar, Y Luo, X Zhou, R Wang, CP Lim, XZ Wang, ...
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 45 (4), 4051-4070, 2022
Intuitionistic fuzzy twin support vector machines
S Rezvani, X Wang, F Pourpanah
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 27 (11), 2140-2151, 2019
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Neural Network Based Quadcopter UAV System
F Jiang, F Pourpanah, Q Hao
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 67 (3), 2076-2085, 2020
Feature selection based on brain storm optimization for data classification
F Pourpanah, Y Shi, CP Lim, Q Hao, CJ Tan
Applied Soft Computing 80, 761-775, 2019
A hybrid model of fuzzy ARTMAP and genetic algorithm for data classification and rule extraction
F Pourpanah, CP Lim, JM Saleh
Expert Systems with Applications 49, 74-85, 2016
A Hybrid Model of Fuzzy Min-Max and Brain Storm Optimization for Feature Selection and Data Classification
F Pourpanah, CP Lim, X Wang, CJ Tan, M Seera, Y Shi
Neurocomputing, 2019
Feature selection based on improved binary global harmony search for data classification
J Gholami, F Pourpanah, X Wang
Applied Soft Computing 93, 106402, 2020
Anomaly Detection and Condition Monitoring of UAV Motors and Propellers
F Pourpanah, B Zhang, R Ma, Q Hao
2018 IEEE Sensors, 1-4, 2018
A review of artificial fish swarm algorithms: Recent advances and applications
F Pourpanah, R Wang, CP Lim, XZ Wang, D Yazdani
Artificial Intelligence Review 56, 1867–1903, 2023
A Q-learning-based multi-agent system for data classification
F Pourpanah, CJ Tan, CP Lim, J Mohamad-Saleh
Applied Soft Computing 52, 519-531, 2017
Dual VAEGAN: A generative model for generalized zero-shot learning
Y Luo, X Wang, F Pourpanah
Applied Soft Computing 107, 107352, 2021
A Survey on Epistemic (Model) Uncertainty in Supervised Learning: Recent Advances and Applications
X Zhou, H Liu, F Pourpanah, T Zeng, X Wang
Neurocomputing, 2022
A reinforced fuzzy artmap model for data classification
F Pourpanah, CP Lim, Q Hao
International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 10 (7), 1643–1655, 2019
An ANN-based ensemble model for change point estimation in control charts
A Yeganeh, F Pourpanah, A Shadman
Applied Soft Computing 110, 107604, 2021
An improved fuzzy ARTMAP and Q-learning agent model for pattern classification
F Pourpanah, R Wang, CP Lim, X Wang, M Seera, CJ Tan
Neurocomputing 359, 139-152, 2019
Non-intrusive human motion recognition using distributed sparse sensors and the genetic algorithm based neural network
F Pourpanah, B Zhang, R Ma, Q Hao
2018 IEEE Sensors, 1-4, 2018
An ensemble neural network framework for improving the detection ability of a base control chart in non-parametric profile monitoring
A Yeganeh, SA Abbasi, F Pourpanah, A Shadman, A Johannssen, ...
Expert Systems with Applications 204, 117572, 2022
Fuzzy measure with regularization for gene selection and cancer prediction
JF Wang, ZY He, SH Huang, H Chen, WZ Wang, F Pourpanah
International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics 12 (8), 2389–2405, 2021
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