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Genome interplay in the grain transcriptome of hexaploid bread wheat
M Pfeifer, KG Kugler, SR Sandve, B Zhan, H Rudi, TR Hvidsten, ...
Science 345 (6194), 1250091, 2014
Molecular mechanisms underlying frost tolerance in perennial grasses adapted to cold climates
SR Sandve, A Kosmala, H Rudi, S Fjellheim, M Rapacz, T Yamada, ...
Plant Science 180 (1), 69-77, 2011
Tracking the evolution of a cold stress associated gene family in cold tolerant grasses
SR Sandve, H Rudi, T Asp, OA Rognli
BMC Evolutionary Biology 8 (1), 1-15, 2008
The allosterically unregulated isoform of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase from barley endosperm is the most likely source of ADP-glucose incorporated into endosperm starch
DNP Doan, H Rudi, OA Olsen
Plant Physiology 121 (3), 965-975, 1999
Comparative analyses reveal potential uses of Brachypodium distachyonas a model for cold stress responses in temperate grasses
C Li, H Rudi, EJ Stockinger, H Cheng, M Cao, SE Fox, TC Mockler, ...
BMC Plant Biology 12 (1), 1-15, 2012
QTL analyses and comparative genetic mapping of frost tolerance, winter survival and drought tolerance in meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds.)
V Alm, CS Busso, Å Ergon, H Rudi, A Larsen, MW Humphreys, OA Rognli
Theoretical and Applied genetics 123 (3), 369-382, 2011
Biotechnological approaches to modify rapeseed oil composition for applications in aquaculture
HG Opsahl-Ferstad, H Rudi, B Ruyter, S Refstie
Plant Science 165 (2), 349-357, 2003
The gene encoding the cytosolic small subunit of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in barley endosperm also encodes the major plastidial small subunit in the leaves
S Rösti, H Rudi, K Rudi, HG Opsahl-Sorteberg, B Fahy, K Denyer
Journal of experimental botany 57 (14), 3619-3626, 2006
Evidence for adaptive evolution of low‐temperature stress response genes in a Pooideae grass ancestor
MD Vigeland, M Spannagl, T Asp, C Paina, H Rudi, OA Rognli, ...
New Phytologist 199 (4), 1060-1068, 2013
Genetic variability in cereal carbohydrate compositions and potentials for improving nutritional value
H Rudi, AK Uhlen, OM Harstad, L Munck
Animal Feed Science and Technology 130 (1-2), 55-65, 2006
A (His) 6-tagged recombinant barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) endosperm ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase expressed in the baculovirus-insect cell system is insensitive to allosteric …
H Rudi, DNP Doan, OA Olsen
FEBS letters 419 (1), 124-130, 1997
Identification of candidate genes important for frost tolerance in Festuca pratensis Huds. by transcriptional profiling
H Rudi, SR Sandve, LM Opseth, A Larsen, OA Rognli
Plant science 180 (1), 78-85, 2011
Population structure, genetic variation, and linkage disequilibrium in perennial ryegrass populations divergently selected for freezing tolerance
MR Kovi, S Fjellheim, SR Sandve, A Larsen, H Rudi, T Asp, MP Kent, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 6, 929, 2015
Method and product
L Munck, B Moller, HG Sorteberg, H Rudi
US Patent App. 11/180,988, 2006
High-throughput genotyping of unknown genomic terrain in complex plant genomes: lessons from a case study
SR Sandve, H Rudi, G Dørum, PR Berg, OA Rognli
Molecular breeding 26 (4), 711-718, 2010
Direct Haplotype‐Specific DNA Sequencing
H Rudi, KE Gylder, O Arne Rognli, K Rudi
Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology 36 (03), 253-257, 2006
Understanding developmental biology opens vast opportunities for designing novel feed and food: A discussion of potential new plant products
H Opsahl-Sorteberg, H Rudi, ST Lid, AH Schulman
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Erratum to''Biotechnological approaches to modify rapeseed oil composition for applications in aquaculture''-[Plant Science 165 (2003) 349-357]
HG Opsahl-Ferstad, H Rudi, B Ruyter, S Refstie
Plant Science 165 (4), 923-923, 2003
Genotyping unknown genomic terrain in complex plant genomes
SR Sandve, H Rudi, G Dørum, MD Vigeland, PR Berg, OA Rognli
Sustainable use of genetic diversity in forage and turf breeding, 455-459, 2010
Genome-Wide and Candidate Gene LD In Lolium perenne Cultivars and Selections: The Quest For Associations With Winter Survival
SR Sandve, MR Kovi, H Rudi, A Larsen, B Studer, T Asp
Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXI, 2013
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