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‘Snorkel’sea lice barrier technology reduces sea lice loads on harvest-sized Atlantic salmon with minimal welfare impacts
LH Stien, T Dempster, S Bui, A Glaropoulos, JE Fosseidengen, DW Wright, ...
Aquaculture 458, 29-37, 2016
Sea lice infestation levels decrease with deeper ‘snorkel’barriers in Atlantic salmon sea‐cages
F Oppedal, F Samsing, T Dempster, DW Wright, S Bui, LH Stien
Pest Management Science 73 (9), 1935-1943, 2017
Development of the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis parasitic stages in temperatures ranging from 3 to 24 C
LA Hamre, S Bui, F Oppedal, R Skern-Mauritzen, S Dalvin
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 11, 429-443, 2019
Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in a submerged sea-cage adapt rapidly to re-fill their swim bladders in an underwater air filled dome
ØJ Korsøen, JE Fosseidengen, TS Kristiansen, F Oppedal, S Bui, ...
Aquacultural engineering 51, 1-6, 2012
Critical swimming speed in groups of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
M Remen, F Solstorm, S Bui, P Klebert, T Vågseth, D Solstorm, M Hvas, ...
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 8, 659-664, 2016
Behaviour in the toolbox to outsmart parasites and improve fish welfare in aquaculture
S Bui, F Oppedal, M Sievers, T Dempster
Reviews in Aquaculture 11 (1), 168-186, 2019
Group behavioural responses of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) to light, infrasound and sound stimuli
S Bui, F Oppedal, ØJ Korsøen, D Sonny, T Dempster
PloS one 8 (5), e63696, 2013
Effect of ectoparasite infestation density and life‑history stages on the swimming performance of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
S Bui, T Dempster, M Remen, F Oppedal
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 8, 387-395, 2016
High host densities dilute sea lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis loads on individual Atlantic salmon, but do not reduce lice infection success
F Samsing, F Oppedal, D Johansson, S Bui, T Dempster
Aquaculture Environment Interactions, 2014
Sea lice infestation level alters salmon swimming depth in sea-cages
S Bui, F Oppedal, L Stien, T Dempster
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 8, 429-435, 2016
Modifying Atlantic salmon behaviour with light or feed stimuli may improve parasite control techniques
S Bui, F Oppedal, ØJ Korsøen, T Dempster
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 3 (2), 125-133, 2013
To treat or not to treat: a quantitative review of the effect of biofouling and control methods in shellfish aquaculture to evaluate the necessity of removal
M Sievers, I Fitridge, S Bui, T Dempster
Biofouling, 2017
Efficiency and welfare impact of long-term simultaneous in situ management strategies for salmon louse reduction in commercial sea cages
S Bui, LH Stien, J Nilsson, H Trengereid, F Oppedal
Aquaculture 520, 734934, 2020
Snorkel technology to reduce sea lice infestations: efficacy depends on salinity at the farm site, but snorkels have minimal effects on salmon production and welfare
F Oppedal, S Bui, LH Stien, K Overton, T Dempster
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 11, 445-457, 2019
Behaviour in Atlantic salmon confers protection against an ectoparasite
S Bui, F Oppedal, F Samsing, T Dempster
Journal of Zoology, 2017
Sea lice prevention strategies affect cleaner fish delousing efficacy in commercial Atlantic salmon sea cages
K Gentry, S Bui, F Oppedal, T Dempster
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 12, 67-80, 2020
Consistent melanophore spot patterns allow long‐term individual recognition of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
LH Stien, J Nilsson, S Bui, JE Fosseidengen, TS Kristiansen, Ø Øverli, ...
Journal of fish biology 91 (6), 1699-1712, 2017
Parasite development affect dispersal dynamics; infectivity, activity and energetic status in cohorts of salmon louse copepodids
R Skern-Mauritzen, NH Sissener, AD Sandvik, S Meier, PN Sævik, ...
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 530, 151429, 2020
Salmon lice evasion, susceptibility, retention, and development differ amongst host salmonid species
S Bui, E Halttunen, AM Mohn, T Vågseth, F Oppedal
ICES Journal of Marine Science 75 (3), 1071-1079, 2018
Susceptibility, behaviour, and retention of the parasitic salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) differ with Atlantic salmon population origin
S Bui, S Dalvin, T Dempster, OF Skulstad, RB Edvardsen, A Wargelius, ...
Journal of fish diseases 41 (3), 431-442, 2018
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