Professor Constantinos Alexiou
Professor Constantinos Alexiou
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Determinants of bank profitability: Evidence from the Greek banking sector
C Alexiou, S Voyazas
Economic Annals 54 (182), 93-118, 2009
Government spending and economic growth: Econometric evidence from the South Eastern Europe (SEE)
C Alexiou
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Unraveling the ‘mystery’between public expenditure and growth: empirical evidence from Greece
C Alexiou
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C Alexiou, S Vogiazas, J Nellis
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C Alexiou
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C Alexiou, JG Nellis
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C Alexiou, PV Tsaliki
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Banking sector depth and economic growth nexus: a comparative study between the natural resource-based and the rest of the world’s economies
A Al-Moulani, C Alexiou
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An econometric investigation into the macroeconomic relationship between investment and saving: evidence from the EU region
C Alexiou
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Classical Theory of Investment: Panel Cointegration Evidence From 13 EU Countries
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Journal of Economic Surveys 33 (4), 1123-1150, 2019
The Greek economic crisis: causes and alternative policies
L Tsoulfidis, C Alexiou, P Tsaliki
Review of Political Economy 28 (3), 380-396, 2016
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