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Review on materials & methods to produce controlled release coated urea fertilizer
B Azeem, KZ KuShaari, ZB Man, A Basit, TH Thanh
Journal of controlled release 181, 11-21, 2014
A review of mathematical modeling and simulation of controlled-release fertilizers
SA Irfan, R Razali, KZ KuShaari, N Mansor, B Azeem, ANF Versypt
Journal of Controlled Release 271, 45-54, 2018
Modelling the release of nitrogen from controlled release fertiliser: Constant and decay release
TH Trinh, K Kushaari, AS Shuib, L Ismail, B Azeem
Biosystems Engineering 130, 34-42, 2015
Effect of coating thickness on release characteristics of controlled release urea produced in fluidized bed using waterborne starch biopolymer as coating material
B Azeem, KZ KuShaari, Z Man
Procedia engineering 148, 282-289, 2016
Production and characterization of controlled release urea using biopolymer and geopolymer as coating materials
B Azeem, K KuShaari, M Naqvi, L Kok Keong, MK Almesfer, Z Al-Qodah, ...
Polymers 12 (2), 400, 2020
Current status and future perspectives of proton exchange membranes for hydrogen fuel cells
A Jamil, S Rafiq, T Iqbal, HAA Khan, HM Khan, B Azeem, MZ Mustafa, ...
Chemosphere 303, 135204, 2022
Use of multi-diffusion model to study the release of urea from urea fertilizer coated with polyurethane-like coating (PULC)
TH Trinh, KZ KuShaari, A Basit, B Azeem, A Shuib
APCBEE procedia 8, 146-150, 2014
A review on modeling and simulation of blowdown from pressurized vessels and pipelines
U Shafiq, AM Shariff, M Babar, B Azeem, A Ali, MA Bustam
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 133, 104-123, 2020
Rapid production of biodiesel in a microchannel reactor at room temperature by enhancement of mixing behaviour in methanol phase using volume of fluid model
JD Afiq Mohd Laziz, KuZilati KuShaari, Babar Azeem, Suzana Yusup, Jitkai Chin
Chemical Engineering Science 219, 115532, 2020
Parametric study of tumbling fluidized bed to evaluate nitrogen release characteristics of biopolymer-coated controlled release urea
Babar Azeem, KuZilati KuShaari, Zakaria Man, Sayed Ameenuddin Irfan
Chemical Engineering Communications 205 (10), 1397-1414, 2018
Nutrient release characteristics and coating homogeneity of biopolymer coated urea as a function of fluidized bed process variables
B Azeem, KZ KuShaari, Z Man, TH Trinh
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 95 (5), 849-862, 2017
Effect of particle size and coating thickness on the release of urea using multi-diffusion model
TH Trinh, KZK Shaari, A Basit, B Azeem
International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications 5 (1), 58, 2014
Effect of process parameters on droplet spreading behaviour over porous surface
A Basit, KZ KuShaari, P Siwayanan, B Azeem
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 96 (1), 352-359, 2018
Spreading of low impact velocity droplet on porous surface
A Basit, KZ KuShaari, TH Trinh, B Azeem
International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications 5 (2), 95, 2014
Effect of fluidized-bed process variables on controlled-release of nitrogen and coating
B Azeem, KZ KuShaari, Z Man, TH Trinh
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering 35, 587-604, 2018
Exploring the Potential Application of Palm Methyl Ester Sulfonate as an Interfacial Tension Reducing Surfactant for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
Key Engineering Materials 797, 402-410, 2019
Study of dry ice formation during blowdown of CO₂-CH₄ from cryogenic distillation column
U Shafiq, AM Shariff, M Babar, B Azeem, A Ali, A Bustam
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 64, 104073, 2020
Effect of biodegradable binder properties and operating conditions on growth of urea particles in a fluidized bed granulator
E Zhalehrajabi, KK Lau, KZ Ku Shaari, SM Zahraee, SH Seyedin, ...
Materials 12 (14), 2320, 2019
Steam-activated sawdust efficiency in treating wastewater contaminated by heavy metals and phenolic compounds
N Elboughdiri, B Azeem, D Ghernaout, S Ghareba, K Kriaa
Water Reuse 11 (3), 391-409, 2021
Machine learning-based modeling of thermoelectric materials and air-cooling system developed for a humid environment
S Ameenuddin Irfan, K Irshad, A Algahtani, B Azeem, V Tirth, S Algarni, ...
Materials Express 11 (2), 153-165, 2021
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